8 little words to get you riding under a grey sky

The Galibier financial boss has a super view on life. Uplifting and refreshing.  Regardless of what doctor’s note or weather forecast that has been viewed that day, after the initial AFFS, there is a plan to adapt and overcome.  It starts with 8 words at dawn- Today, is going to be a great day”.  

This does resound like Chapter 4 of a self-help book but we have all found, though sometimes it’s hard to admit, it has helped the day. 

The negative kick back initially has been are you not just lying to yourself? What if you’re sick? 

No 8 words are going to alter that.  It is taking all the fixed things that exist in life, accepting all and starting the day with a positive walk. The words are never visited first thing when you wake, wondering where you are or why is my shoulder cold- but a minute later. A wee breath and out of bed with an easy smile and the 8 words which I’ve edited to ”Today is going to be a good day

It is the difference between deciding to go for a spin in the rain where before the dark clouds and grey attitude at 8 am was enough to cancel plans.  

The traffic that is there every morning will always be there and is easier to navigate with those 8 words that start the day searching for the good and not focusing or dwelling on the dark.

It won’t change your life if you’re committed to being a miserable bastard. If you only pick out the dead rose in a bouquet; this is not enough watts to pedal into your headwind. 

Life can be hard and the load is ill-divided. For the majority there are good and bad days. Kicking off any day with a bit of a positive thinking, settles into a smile which can create a tailwind that we have found freewheels well past lunch.  

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