Who are we?
Galibier are an honest, family, bike company. Sourcing our style and strength from the stunning mountain pass- We sell premium cycling apparel in a democratic manner.


Our business is built on the passion of 35 years bike racing and a foundation of 26 years in the cycle garment industry.  Without returning customers we are lost, so we are committed in to creating the finest garments, that protect the rider with style. 

Over the last 12 years we have grown year on year in sales and experience. The evolution of our design and wonderful skill production partners now produce apparel that lead the market in performance with the finest fabrics, stitched for efficiency and comfort.   

Galibier only sell direct. We all ride bikes. We don’t have discounts/sales. We offer the same value, year round.

Ride with us.


Who are you?

We are in a unique position in the cycling world, that our premium garments could be sold at a much inflated price. Our founding principal was to offer cyclist value and the finest performance. We wish to maintain this and all we ask in return that our customers are passionate about cycling and have manners. 



Our Inspiration:

The Col du Galibier is the stunning mountain pass in the southern region of the French Dauphiné Alps. At 2645m, it is often the highest point of the Tour de France, taking its name from the secondary chain of mountains known as the Galibier.We mirror the effort it takes to climb the Col du Galibier in our clothing- putting 100% into the research, design and construction of our technical bike wear.Staffed by passionate cyclists, Galibier is committed to investment in material innovation and researching human anatomical motion. 


Galibier support young, emerging talent. We investing the future of our sport. Since 2009 we have assisted over 800 young riders around the world.


For further information or advice  [email protected] Love to hear
from you.


ALL rights reserved @ 2009-2022.  Galibier will protect and NEVER share personal information. We trade with integrity.

 From 2021 GALIBIERVELO LTD a company registered in Uk under reg number N I676594


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