Arm Warmers.

There are 13 pairs of arm warmers in a box beside me. All medium, each have been worn at least once. We have paid from 8 US$ to £45 for each of the collection. Each pair have a simple duty to warm the arms, whilst riding the bike. Not a big ask really. Most do it very well. Our last 5 arm warmer designs all were OK. We want better than OK.

Of the 13 tested by us……………in our view

3 don’t do it at all.

5 slip down the bicep during riding.

1 stops the blood flow to the fingers.

2 have a baggy wrist.

4 do everything, brilliantly.

4 don’t have enough stretch at the elbow.

7 are single material garments.

6 use between 2 and 5 materials in their construction.

3 are too thin and 3 are too thick.

8 are ergonomically shaped.

1 the colour washed out after a single wash.

2 had stitching issues after one ride.


ALL this was to find what we thought was the best garment at keeping you arms warm.  In 6 weeks we will have our new “Ardennnes” arm warmers with the best features from all tested.

25mm of silicone at the bicep to keep it in place, on a lycra cuff

6 panel design to match the bend of the arm.

Roubaix fabric on 5 panels to provide pressure free warmth and windproof.

Double thickness 4 way stretch Lycra on the outside bicep to check elbow pressure.

Italian Fabrics and reflective detailing

Right and left specific.

4 needle stitch construction.


We promise these are among the best as doing a simple job.

The question is… How much should they cost?

Please send your advice on arm and leg warmer expected cost; to  We will give away 2 pair at random to all who assist.




adjective:  ardent
Très chaud.
Un soleil ardent


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