Cycling Lexicon 

Just for fun, Celebrating the difference. There is only one rule: Ride and smile.

: Drafting a person on an electric bike into a headwind.

Bumroll: Finding an imperfection in handlebar tape application, after completion of fitting.

“Perhaps it is for the best” : Power meter not reading on your head unit. 

Chequered Flag holder: The rider who always packs a race.

Sailboat: The rider who can’t hold their line when cornering and uses the whole road.

Left hand Fred: When fitting new pedals-twisting pedal threads for anything over 3 seconds before realizing it is the wrong crank.

Portable finish line: Stopping interval training efforts a lamp post earlier than planned.

Glass cranking:  Pushing through the chain gang too easy to save energy and disrupting the entire group efficiency.

Tinfoil bandit:  Eating your own food at the group coffee-shop stop.

Back pocket bandit :  The rider who never brings spares.

Egg beater:  The rider who spins too low a gear.

Speed sign warrior:  The rider who sprints for 30’s even though the group is riding at 22 kph.

Cement mixer: The rider who pushes too big a gear.

Seesaw:-  The rider with their saddle too high. Example of use in a sentence: 

“look at xxxxxx seesawing his bum in half – the saddle is so high he is sitting on his kidneys’

Pirate:–  The rider with one bar end plug missing.

Racing slicks:–  The tyre worn down to the casing. Example of use in a sentence:

  ‘Did you see him on a 12grand bike with racing slicks’

Egorange: Realising you have bought a cassette with an unsuitable climbing gear to impress the cycle shop staff.

Oasis : The last droplets of water in the bidon you thought was empty.

Dead in the water: The period between you thinking you may have nipped the tube and pumping it up to find the truth.

Dancing shoes on: Missing the cleat connection first time clicking in, after the traffic light stop.

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