We want a beautiful world to cycle in and as a small, honest company are determined to reduce our environmental impact. For 2021 we have committed with to offset totally, our company carbon activity foot print. Our main sustainability effort is creating products that last.  From 2020 on, we will use recycled materials, where the performance is not affected.  Some of the more technical fabrics are not yet available made from pre-used sources. When they are, we will quickly adapt.  All garments will made with an eco-friendly standard of dye and DWR treatments do not have a harmful impact on the environment .

 ALL garments are packed and shipped in recycled and/or recyclable packaging.

We have always worked closely with our suppliers to look after their workers, and to minimise waste.

We purchase from factories and fabric mills where their workers earn a fair living wage and make ethical choices in our supply lines, daily. As our retail model is direct to the consumer, and all design and planning is in house, a high percentage of the retail cost remains with the production, improving the lives of the artists that make our garments.

We pay our taxes. We ship from production hub by sea where possible and trade with passion and soul.

For the future, our delivery vehicles will all be electric and Our new planned HQ for 2022 will be carbon neutral and off grid, suppling its own heat and power source.



We LOVE and will ACT on your feedback :

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