It has taken 15 months to source the perfect fabric. We wanted an amazing material that would protect the rider in the worst rain storms. Either racing or training: being wet, then cold, is dangerous for the body and mind.

15 months of samples and testing and disappointment. Warm but wouldn’t shield from rain. Rain proof and warm- but boil in the bag sweating. Breathable and warm- but bulky and heavy. All discarded. Finally, we have landed it.

The 3 layer fabric is only .75mm thick. The internal membrane is Breathable and waterproof to the impressive 6000/5000 rating. It is machine washable and at repeated 30degrees cycle, it maintains both breathability and water proof. We will initially produce in 90 days (from yesterday!) a long sleeve, race fit  jersey. Not a waterproof garment, but will keep the rider warm, breathing and protected for up to 5 hours.

This will be the lightest foul weather jersey on the market and under half the cost of the competition. For spring/summer and Autumn cloud protection .

Better than a surprise birthday.

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