Galibier Award for Contribution to our sport.

Clubs are where bike riders are born and matured.  Clubs organise races.  Clubs keep our sport flowing, happy, provide a voice and are the social blood of our wonderful sport.

Some amazing Volunteers are always there for clubs. For years and years, tirelessly giving everything to their club, and in essence, their sport.  Men and women who have seen kids turn into champions, sprockets become cassettes and cassettes grow from 6 to 12 speed.  Devoted cyclists, some of whom no longer cycle, with all their free time eaten by their love for our sport and their club.  These are the best cyclists.  Never on the results sheet, but without whom there would be no race, and no finely coached winner.

We, at Galibier, want to recognise the lifelong commitment of these volunteers.  To congratulate and sincerely thank the effort and time they have given to our sport.

Each year we wish to give out 100 awards directly to the clubs, to be presented to the stalwart, not from us, but as a thank you from the club- for the efforts over the years. A small return of thanks from our Sport.

The award medals are professionally manufactured By,  offered in a presentation box and are of the highest quality to honour the service.

To Apply for the Free award, please send us a short bio of the awardee to and mark it “Award”

The award is available to Cycling clubs and societies in any country.

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