I Came home from a 4 hour+ spin yesterday very busted. In search of elixir I glared at the tub of probably-out-of-date protein powder in the back of the baking cupboard. The lumps of artificial chemicals and semi disloved yank powder is reserved for after racing. Awful stuff. I reach for my usual post bike wash, pre- shower, wonder recovery method. MILK. I’m not one for gels and energy bars, and think we should generally eat ‘ingredients’; so Milk fits. Depending on the individual, generally speaking, we can absorb 20grams of protein to fuel recovery at any meal. A pint of Milk gives us this maximum amount of required muscle building blocks, along with ALL 9 of the essential amino acids- that can’t be produced by the human body.
I still feel like I have been run over by a bus of cats this morning, but will be flying tomorrow! Leave that white plastic tub of powdered, marketing muck where it belongs, in the back of the cupboard, with the empty biscuit tin. And drink Milk to go fast.

(No fee was given from the Cows or the national Dairy Council for this broadcast)

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