Headwinds are heartbreaking

Only five of us braved the rain. The normal group usually numbers 12 or 14. The ‘normal’ riders had looked out at the rain and went back to bed. All five that went out needed the spin. They squeeze it into busy lives, and the dark, wet atmosphere was mirrored in the mood of the little bunch. Short turns at the front and little said into the headwind. Heads down and open mouths ballooning with gusts of gale.

 A slow coffee and thoughts of a taxi home were banished by a wonderful sight only seconds after clicking in on the return leg. A leaf overtook me doing 40kph. It’s red brown crispness heralding only one thing, a tailwind. Not just any tailwind, but a full Southerly when home is North. The next 90 minutes were amazing. The wind directly in the small of your back, like a helping hand from above, making you feel 20 years younger and 10 kgs lighter. Chat returned. Smiles resurfaced. The rain became background and banished all the ‘whatamidoing’ struggle to get to the coffee shop.

“How was your spin?”


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