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AirFlow Oversocks


Our perfected AeroFlow speed overshoes:

  • Ideal for triathlons, time trials, track, and road races.
  • Fits snugly, minimizing drag and allowing air to flow effortlessly.
  • The new socks have a waterproof, stretchy, sleek fitting main panel with a super aerodynamic lycra leg section.

No additional duties/charges on orders. Shipped daily:

  • UK via Royal Mail
  • Ireland & EU via An Post

Introducing our perfected AeroFlow speed overshoes: the result of 13 meticulous prototypes crafted over a year.

Aero Efficiency: Our AeroFlow overshoes are exceptionally lightweight, featuring a surface-smoothing fabric on the shoe section. With a seamless design, these overshoes fit snugly, minimizing drag and allowing air to flow effortlessly. The PU fabric streamlines your shoe shapes into a consistent aerodynamic form.

Leg Design for Speed: The AirFlow extends up to the full calf muscle, crafted with a high-thread-count lycra to ensure smoothness. An internal flat stitch connects the shoe to the leg, and a flat gripper at the top keeps the overshoe firmly in place. Four heat-applied, silicone Trip Strips, strategically placed by our partner factory and researchers, ensure the air detaches optimally, reducing your overall body profile drag and conserving your energy.

Aesthetics and Durability: Available exclusively in a sleek black, these overshoes are not just about performance but style too. For longevity, always be gentle with them: adopt a “penguin walk” on your heel and cleat, minimizing the risk of slips and keeping the toe area free from contact.


  • PU Coated Lycra Toe and Mid Foot for durability and aerodynamics
  • Aerostripe upper, beginning from the heel, offers proven aerodynamic advantages
  • Low-profile silicone gripper ensures a firm fit
  • Designed in the UK and made with precision in Germany

Material Composition:
Foot: 75% Polyamide, 25% Elastane Cuffs: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane

Sizing Guide:

EU <41 42-44 44-45 45-47
UK <6 7-9 9-10 10-12

Remember, overshoes are designed primarily for cycling. Their lifespan reduces if you walk in them, so it’s best to cycle and limit walking. Always be gentle with your overshoes to ensure they last longer.


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1 review for AirFlow Oversocks

  1. Mark K (verified owner)

    Bought these in May 2019 for TT and Triathlon, Hard to get on first time, best to do it like a normal oversock- I wear size 45 shoes, and went for size L.Feel good na look fast.

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AirFlow Oversocks
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