AQUA Chrono 3 overshoe (S)


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  • EUR: €16.49

Cycling Foot protection from slow air or road spray;  for TT, training or Road racing in the rain.


Our Aero Chrono overshoe just went supersonic for 2021 with a new Italian PU material, stitched and sealed ‘in shape’

The material is silicone-coated PU. It undergoes 4 individual treatments to make it waterproof whilst retaining elasticity, making it super expensive for us to purchase from the fabric mill, but worth it for the performance. The overshoe is zipless and stretches to fit the shoe exactly. A single line of stitching is internally taped: so will efficiently shield off road spray.

The leg is sealed with a silicone gripper, so ideal for racing in the rain.

For Road cycling shoes only the high stretch material leaves the tendons and muscles unbothered. A small tape is placed at the back of the heel to assist pulling them on. The build is waterproof, but like ALL overshoes, ALL: water will eventually come in the cleat and heel holes. They will stop the wind from stripping heat from your feet.




  • 1: Put on your normal cycling socks first.
  • 2: Pull the shoe cover on like a sock
  • 3: Put your foot through the large cleat hole. Now put on your shoes
  • 4: Pull the cover over the heel of your shoe FIRST, then the toe.
  • 5: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of shoe covers are over cleats or heel pad.





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Features & Sizing



  • Highly aerodynamic
  • Weight: 123g (Pair)
  • Composition: 61%PA, 22%PU, 16%EA
  • Double flat thermo TAPED stitching
  •  Forward and spray Rain protection
  • Aerodynamic – PU-coated for time trial and road race use
  • Road specific sole design
  • Neat reinforcement on toe and heal area
  • Slippery, Stretchy blanc finish
  • Rear reflective trim




Shoe size (EU) <41 42 – 44 44 – 45 45 – 47
Shoe size (UK) <6 7-9 9 – 10 10 – 12

 Overshoes love cycling. All overshoes will die quickly if you walk in them. Cycle- don’t walk. Concrete eats overshoes- so be nice to them.  Penguin walking on your heal and cleat will mean the least chance of slipping and the toe area will remain free from ground contact.

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