AQUA Chrono Aero overshoe

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Cycling Foot protection from slow air or road spray;  for TT, training or Road racing in the rain.

Fast and dry feet are due to a fantastic new PU coated lycra. A highly windproof, stretch fabric is tailored to fit a road shoe with ultraSonic welded seams and a spray resistant sole.

The outside seams have been taped to ensure high water resistance.  On the inside of the PU-coated high-stretch material is a soft fleece material that not only feels great but that also prevents skin irritation. At the same time, it adds to the insulating properties of these aerodynamic shoe covers. The PU material undergoes 4 individual treatments to make it waterproof whilst retaining elasticity, making it super expensive for us to purchase from the fabric mill, but worth it for the performance.  The overshoe is zipless and stretches to fit the shoe exactly.

Silver reflective logo. The leg opening is sealed with a silicone gripper, so ideal for racing in the rain.

To Fit:

1: Put on sock

2: Pull shoe cover on over sock

3: Put foot through large cleat hole, and pull shoe cover up around ankle

4: Put on Road cycling shoe

5: Pull shoe cover down over heel of shoe FIRST, then toe

6: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of shoe covers/overshoe are over cleats or heel pad.

Note: Pull top of shoe cover over sock or under leg warmers. The top of the shoe cover needs to be against your skin or water may enter the shoe cover. 

Warning: Shoe cover may tear if you do not FIRST put on shoe cover, then shoe.



For Road cycling shoes only the high stretch material leaves the tendons and muscles unbothered. A small tape is placed at the back of the heel to assist pulling them on. The build is waterproof, but like ALL overshoes, ALL: water will eventually come in the cleat and heel holes. They will stop the wind from stripping heat from your feet.




  • 1: Put on your normal cycling socks first.
  • 2: Pull the shoe cover on like a sock
  • 3: Put your foot through the large cleat hole. Now put on your shoes
  • 4: Pull the cover over the heel of your shoe FIRST, then the toe.
  • 5: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of shoe covers are over cleats or heel pad.





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  • Highly aerodynamic
  • Weight: 123g (Pair)
  • Composition: 61%PA, 22%PU, 16%EA
  • Double flat thermo TAPED stitching
  •  Forward and spray Rain protection
  • Aerodynamic – PU-coated for time trial and road race use
  • Road specific sole design
  • Neat reinforcement on toe and heal area
  • Slippery, Stretchy blanc finish
  • Rear reflective trim




Shoe size (EU) <39-41 42 – 44 44 – 46
Shoe size (UK) <5-6.5 7-9 9 – 10.5

 Overshoes love cycling. All overshoes will die quickly if you walk in them. Cycle- don’t walk. Concrete eats overshoes- so be nice to them.  Penguin walking on your heal and cleat will mean the least chance of slipping and the toe area will remain free from ground contact.

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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for AQUA Chrono Aero overshoe

  1. Colm O’H (verified owner)

    First impressions are good. Size is as described (L fits nice and snug over Shimano 45). Easy to put on once you follow the instructions. Seem to seal nicely at the lower calf. Just can’t give five stars until I test them in the rain , doubt I’ll have to wait too long.

  2. Simon Bailey (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of Galibier and own plenty of their kit, but these overshoes are a disappointment.

    They appear robust and are very easy to put on, but mine has totn at the back after only 5-6 rides. Not cheap so a bit of a shame.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Received these in the post today so haven’t tried them in the rain yet but have tried them on! Shimano size 45. Large fits, but just about. Very tight fit around the shoe which is what you want of course but could possibly be a little bit tighter on the calf. Nicely reinforced around the toe and the heel fits absolutely perfectly around the heel of the shoe. They seem infinitely more robust than Velotoze but don’t have quite the same fit in the leg as Velotoze. Will upgrade to 5 stars if they do a reasonable job of keeping water out the next time I’m out in the rain. Very happy with these overall. They look a quality product, as usual from Galibier.

  4. Tony Talbot (verified owner)

    The best I have used. First time out with these beauties was yesterday, taking full advantage of our North Yorkshire Summer, LOL. Heavy intermittent rain over Buttertubs and beyond at a temp of 14C. 40km ride and my feet stayed dry right until the last couple of km when just a little rain found it’s way into the top of the ankle binding. After many years of wearing shoe covers and paying a lot of money for some, this Galibier product puts them all to shame. They look sooo cool, they are simplicity itself putting on and taking off and the binding around the ankle is designed to perfection. Chapeau once again guys.

  5. davidgarciaireland (verified owner)

    Amazing overshoes. My favourite ones. Well worth the money. Large for a 43eur size is a perfect fit.

  6. GordonM (verified owner)

    I’ve been very impressed with these. Snug fit (XL over Giro size 46), secure fastening, they lie flush over laced shoes they keep the water out very effectively. (Vents in soles of shoes are sealed with tape as a first line of defence.) They are easy to clean and dry quickly.

  7. Christy Lynch (verified owner)

    Superb slick overshoes that keep your feet dry and warm.Impeccably constructed,lay over laced road shoes snug and never moved.Worn through a couple of short deluge showers and a constant mist rain shower soaking.No water ingress despite constant road spray from the front wheel.Supreme design again from Galibier!

  8. Rory Loughran

    Very easy to use, sleek and functional. Add to that plain and understated design and you have a great product. Tried other market leaders in this department, not a patch on these.

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