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Ardennes Headband


Ardennes Helmet-Compatible Headband: Ultimate Cold Protection

  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -0°C to +8°C
  • Anatomically correct fit that snugly covers the ears without adding bulk

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For dedicated cyclists, the Ardennes headband is essential, especially when wind chill makes those rides a bit too brisk. Designed using Carvico’s Domitit fabric, it boasts the best insulation-to-weight ratio on the market, ensuring your ears stay warm and protected without compromising on hearing traffic noise.

Measuring 115mm in height, 0.8mm in thickness, and weighing a mere 14 grams, it’s suitable for temperatures ranging from -0°C to +8°C. The Dolomiti fabric used is not only ultra-thin and brushed but also boasts the thermal properties of materials twice its thickness. Its tight weave and malleable characteristics make for an anatomically correct fit that snugly covers the ears without adding bulk.

Plus, with ‘feather edging’ and flat stitching, there’s no need to adjust your helmet. The design ensures no bunching at the back of the neck, allowing for optimal wind protection while still enabling the rider to be aware of their surroundings.


  • Crafted from Carvico’s Domitit fabric for optimal warmth and flexibility.
  • Reflective trim for enhanced visibility.
  • Anatomically shaped to envelop your ears.
  • Durable Flat Lock Stitching.
  • Machine washable for easy care.
  • Designed to wear with or without a helmet.
  • Non-bulky profile, ensuring a comfortable fit under helmets.
  • Multipurpose – also perfect for running, climbing, and other outdoor activities.


3 reviews for Ardennes Headband

  1. Stephen McKenna

    Lovely piece of kit. Soft, light and I use it for running and biking under the helmet. Best product of this type I’ve used!

  2. rob.courtn3y

    Great headband! Mine is an older version shown in the last photo. It fits well under helmets that do not cooperate well with caps, keeps my ears warm and blocks out wind noise. Unfortunately mine has now lost its stretch completely – it measures 57cm diameter (28.5cm long when laid flat). Thinking about whether I order another or try and shorten this one somehow!

  3. John Milbank

    It’s getting boring giving Galibier 5 stars on every product I order.
    But this headband deserves it.
    I already own a castelli headband thingy, and this is better than that item and cost half as much. Its wider being large enough to cover my ears, & my forehead, whilst still sitting high enough in my helmet, to help absorb my sweat (I have a sweaty brow, so I wear a headband no matter the weather)
    Its warm, and its stylish too ( I opted for the cooler colours)
    Good work Galibier….. again!

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Ardennes Headband

Availability: In stock

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