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Barrier Deep Winter Gloves



  • Highly insulated, designed specifically for cycling.
  • Features anti-slip silicone padding for optimal grip.
  • Enhanced visibility with reflective print.

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Crafted specifically for cyclists, the Barrier Deep Winter gloves offer exceptional insulation to ensure hands remain warm even in the biting cold. With a proud track record of warming hands in 35 countries, these are the ultimate companion for winter rides.

Our Ardennes Winter glove evolved is designed for regular winter conditions, these Barrier Gloves have evolved for comfort and protection in the coldest of cycling conditions. They feature a soft, thin fleece lining directly against the skin for warmth. Wrapped around this is a polyurethane membrane that ensures comprehensive wind protection. Further enhancing the gloves’ capability is the waterproof and breathable HyTex internal membrane. Designed ergonomically for the cyclist’s grip on handlebars and hoods, they incorporate a durable palm complemented by an outer layer made of a blend of five specially chosen synthetic fabrics, known for their durability, flexibility, and reflective qualities.

Barrier Deep Winter Cycling Gloves Thermal Insulation Chart

The innovative design places the seams on the glove’s exterior, preventing any irritation to your fingers. The glove base is constructed from synthetic leather, with anti-slip silicone printing on both the palms and fingers, ensuring a firm grip even on wet surfaces.

For enhanced safety, the latest version boasts upgraded visibility with reflective print, while maintaining the perfect balance of breathability.


  • Palm: Three-panel design for a tailored fit with added Ulnar nerve protection. Anatomically padded with anti-slip silicone, specifically designed for hood riding.
  • Inner Layer: Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch membrane.
  • Outer Layer: Windproof blend of Nylon/Polyester.
  • Enhanced visibility with reflex logo and piping on the back.
  • Thermal Rating: 5 – optimal for sub-zero temperatures.
  • Tear off size/care label


  • XS: 15-17.5cm
  • XXL: 23-24.5cm

Barrier Deep Winter Cycling Gloves Sizing Guide

We ship products to our warehouse by land and sea, using less carbon-intensive journeys and avoiding air freight wherever possible.
Our Leave No Trace packaging material is recycled paper, so biodegradable and ocean safe.

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Reviews (86)

86 reviews for Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

  1. m19tyn (verified owner)

    I’ve used a pair of these since 2019 commuting several times a week and regular weekend rides, after spending more money that I care to recall going through many options these are the only pair I could rely on to keep my hands warm and dry.
    Just purchased a replacement pair as they finally seem to be losing some warmth. I ordered a large ( I wear medium in summer mitts) and they are a snug fit (tighter that the old pair which I suspect have stretched)
    It’s surprising how little they have changed visually, the reflective pattern on the back is a good step. I’ve never really been a fan of the Velcro cuff (it doesn’t mix well with Lyra) but I’ve learnt to be careful putting them on & taking them off.

    I guess if falls under ‘don’t change a winning formula’

  2. Philip Harmer (verified owner)

    I bought these alongside the foul weather jacket and I am shocked at the breathability and comfort of the gloves! Such a good price for an outstanding bit of kit. Devastated this morning being knocked off my bike by another motorist not bothering to look at a junction and took me out. Scuffed all my gloves so ruined but protected my hands like a dream. Gutted but thankful for the protection these gloves gave me

  3. Martin Waters (verified owner)

    These are just brilliant … 100% recommend.

    They truly are amazing in pretty much all weathers but particularly when the temps drop to near and around freezing. I recently completed a 300 Km overnight Audax in these gloves on what was probably the coldest night of the whole year so far (temps down to -6 C) and they performed ridiculously well just allowing the hands to radiate warmth internally but never allowing the biting cold in .

    Whilst undertaking the audax I stayed too long at one of the overnight feedstops and got too cold with my gloves generally off such that I was starting to shiver and some of my fingers had numbed up and lost feeling in them … however once I got going again the gloves magically recovered my hands and restored feeling within 4 to 5 miles

    This is not the first time where I’ve found the gloves just some how magically reflect the heat in and totally stop the cold external temp getting through and yet they still allow brilliant dexterity!

    The quality of the construction is top notch and the the velcro cuffs allow them to come a good way down over the wrists to block out anyway the cold can get in . Also the anti-slip silicone printing on the palms does work really well even in biblically wet conditions. I’ve run these now for over 18 months and I struggle to see how they could get much better for the cost of them.

  4. arvinder.mangat (verified owner)

    Very good gloves. Know your own hands and arms; in my opinion they are perfect for 3 to 6 degrees C.

    Great service from Galibier; I messed up my first order and they sent me another pair.

    Comfy and a little spongy. As others have said, they size a little small, so size up one size, especially if you are going to add glove liners.
    They feel like a light ski glove. Have seen me through Jan-Mar 23 when needed.

    Temperature range:
    I would say 3 to 6 degrees. Above 6 I don’t need gloves, below 5 I do, but below 2 degrees I really notice the cold. I have tried many many many gloves, and these are some of the best, but I don’t agree that these are sub-zero gloves. If you really suffer with cold hands, they won’t be for you below 3 degrees.

    At this price, tip top.
    Try some liners too, but as I say, understand your riding and how your hands react to the cold.

    Design: simple and the reflective logo does help in the winter light.

  5. JOnathan Patterson (verified owner)

    -2 this morning and these were great, much better than some of the other gloves I’ve had at much higher prices, just buy some you won’t regret it

  6. murphywk (verified owner)

    Used these this morning on my morning commute which was -4c. Out performed my usual more expensive winter gloves. If you plan to use these with liners potentially go up a size. Padding levels feel very good, decent grip levels and no issues moving up and down the gears. Build quality seems solid and the internal lining feels well connected to the outer.

  7. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Great pair of gloves, perfect for chilly commutes or all-day winter adventures.

  8. robert williams (verified owner)

    Great pair of gloves. Feel sturdy. Very comfy and put them to the test on a 5 hour muddy and wet cx ride today and they kept my hands toasty warm and bone dry. Another great product from galibier

  9. Gnarley Dave (verified owner)

    Powerful gloves

    I Wear these gloves every day though winter on my daily commute and I would recommend them.

  10. Patrick Cooper (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality and a nice soft feel inside when wearing, good gels pads on the palms and an overall look and feel of high quality work. Its only October at the moment so the worst of the UK weather is yet to hit but on a morning with a cold wind on my blowing my hands stayed warm inside these rather than just not cold. Other comparable gloves seem to retail at £40 – £50 so at this price they represent amazing value for money. Would and have recommended them to people.

  11. James Lewis (verified owner)

    I struggled for years, when commuting through cold winters until I found these top-class gloves. During the previous winter (2019-20) I managed to get to work with happy working hands in minus 10-16 degrees Celsius. I wear them for everything during the colder weeks, have bough extra pairs for friends and even have an extra pair in case i ever lose any – essential kit for outdoor winter life.

  12. Gareth Wells (verified owner)

    Great gloves.

    Just finished my first winter with them and they’re almost perfect. It takes a freezing torrent of snow and hail to overcome these, but I suspect nothing might withstand those conditions. Fit is good, hands retain dexterity and they’re pretty eye catching for traffic.

  13. alexpdavies84

    Really warm when the temperature is at or around 0degrees and on the whole very comfortable. Not too bulky for using computer/shifting/braking.
    Agree with other reviews though that the thumb is too short. It causes discomfort, but on the whole does not detract too much from these being a great pair of gloves.

  14. Barra O’Brien (verified owner)

    Bought these because my hands suffer in the cold. Have used these in just above zero temps and love them. No issues using gears, or any issues with zips. Had a bad fall on a damp, greasy corner and went down heavily on my left side, ruined a pair of tights, overshoes and myself. My left glove took the brunt and has a small tear in the palm, the waterproof lining is still intact and they’re still warm in the cold. My hand survived with no trace of the fall. I’d highly recommend these gloves

  15. Doug Piercy (verified owner)

    After owning these for several months now I feel qualified to leave a review.
    I bought these and they were a little snug so sent them back for a ‘no fuss’ swap out.
    I have worn these in the wind, rain and down to minus 5C and are the best I have owned. Recently I was driven off the road and into a heap on the tarmac floor whilst the driver drove off 🙁 my knees and upper arms took the brunt with a five hour trip to A&E, X-Rays and stitches but my hands remained unscathed – not a scratch !! I had not thought of this kind of protection when searching for gloves but really glad the manufacturers have – the gloves are still very usable and do not look like they have suffered much at all so worth the money just for that. Thank you Galibier 🙂

  16. Bobby (verified owner)

    Excellent gloves. I have terrible circulation in my fingers. These keep my hands toasty while still allowing plenty of movement

  17. Steve Higgs

    Winter Barrier gloves.
    We ride electric mountain manly on cycle tracks.
    My wife is the top end and of medium, bottom end of large
    Me the top end of large and bottom end of X-large.
    We ordered a large and X-large set of gloves respectively.
    Both sets of gloves fitted well on me, so could have gone for eighter, but appreciated the little extra room in XL.

    These gloves are well made and warm. Easy to put on and take off. With the way we ride we can use these up to 11-12 *C and so far, the temp has only dropped to about 3*C, and comfortably warm, with no wind chill.
    Over all great value warm winter glove.

  18. Steve Armstrong (verified owner)

    Great gloves for temperatures above 7 degrees. Below this my hands get cold on rides over 1 hour long. Very comfortable and a great fit. If you ride for long periods of time in very cold conditions then these may not be for you but otherwise as good as similar gloves on the market at a great price.

  19. Glynn Whitby

    I put these on my Christmas list and Santa delivered them early enough to use them as soon as the temperatures dropped. These are great gloves, a great balance between padding for warmth and sensitivity for gear shifting. Great stuff from Galibier again

  20. David C Walker (verified owner)

    I’m always sceptical whenever I buy anything but having now used these gloves a few times in December weather, I have to say, they really are the mutts nutts.

  21. Ian (verified owner)

    Suffer from white finger syndrome during winter so got these based on positive reviews. Rode 6hr audax at the weekend -1c min to 2.5c max. Fingertips started cold at the start but warmed up after 10mins. Probably too warm for anything > 5c. My hand circumference is 210mm, went with size Large. Plenty of room in gloves. Very pleased and would recommend.

  22. Jim Williams (verified owner)

    I wore these today for a ride where the outside temperature started at -3 and rose to 0 centigrade. Initially, my fingertips got very cold but warmed up as I got into to ride and my body warmed up. The gloves are comfortable, and give fairly good feel. I have Di2, and no problem with gear changes. I chose the Medium, which is a good fit around the palm, but slightly short in the thumb. However, I’m hoping that they will give a little, as I wear them. Great value!

  23. Kathy K (verified owner)

    Very warm in temperature around 5°c, quite beefy but sensible for deep winter gloves, not sure about how it will do in wet conditions yet.

    However a few stitches in the palm came off after a few days of short commutes. Maybe I’ve got a defective one or they would need to work on a better way to finish the stitches.

    Would be perfect if there could be smartphone compatible fingers.

  24. Gareth Wells (verified owner)

    Just bought a pair of Barrier gloves, getting a head start on my annual quest for THE winter option. This year I’m giving Galibier a shot.

    Obviously buying in August means I haven’t properly tried them out in wet/cold/sub-zero conditions. However the fit and finish on these is really really excellent. Very comfortable, I measured up just about the Medium/Large dividing line and opted Large. They fit like…a glove! They feel warm, not unduly bulky and I look forward to using them in action.

    Bought on Monday pm, on my desk on Wednesday noon. That was on regular postage. A-maz-ing!

  25. John Purnell (verified owner)

    Bought these to replace a pair of Gore gloves which had worn out. These gloves are just as good, and around half the price – warm without sweating up, keep water out, windproof. Also own the Roubaix gloves (an absolute steal at £16) as well as a number of other items, all of which are excellent. I have no idea how Galibier produce kit this good, at this price, and still put free gifts in some orders. Can’t recommend this company & its products enough.

  26. Susannah Wight (verified owner)

    I was disappointed in these gloves as was led to believe that they were very warm in cold weather but that was not the case. Even if temperature just below freezing they did not keep my hands warm and fingers got progressively colder. They are fine for cool weather and comfortable but not good enough to keep hands warm if weather is below freezing.

  27. Mr Scott Clarkson (verified owner)

    I suffer really badly with cold fingers when on my bike and have tried many so called winter gloves before and even with liner gloves I end up with numb / panful fingers quite quickly.
    After long winter rides (4 hour plus at temps hovering around freezing) it has been excruciating and taken several hours to get the feeling back and the tingling to stop – NOT ANYMORE!!
    I got my Deep Barrier Gloves just before the recent really cold snap and so they have been thoroughly tested and I can honestly say they represent the best £25 I’ve spent on cycling gear.
    On the very coldest of days (well below zero with wind chill) I might still resort to liner gloves too but probably not really necessary, but being susceptible to cold / painful fingers I do tend to ere on the side of caution.
    Final comment – check carefully the sizing information as I do have really quite small hands for a man but against the sizing info was comfortably looking like a medium – ordered a medium and the fit is spot on.

  28. Tom

    I’ve tried so many pairs of gloves and these beat them all. Finally a pair for the UK winter. I have a pair of Galibier leather long sleeve gloves which work well for anything above 0. When it goes below these are fantastic and keep my little finger and thumbs toasty (they are always the coldest parts of my hands). Another five star product from the Galibier team.

  29. Brendan Mcgivern (verified owner)

    Don’t hesitate buying these gloves
    Best I’ve used by far
    Great fit and design

  30. Steve Oxley (verified owner)

    Bought these gloves in January, I’ve suffered with cold fingers due to vibration white finger and couldn’t find a pair of gloves that would work. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money in case they didn’t work. Recommend by a fellow cyclist I purchased these, the first pair of gloves to work, I would recommend to anyone, best gloves I own and fantastic value for money

  31. tf

    I got these to replace my ageing and discontinued Specialized Radiants, if anything this is a better glove that has kept me comfortable down to -4C (as with all gloves, it’s important to ensure they are completely dry when used in subzero temps, which means drying them in an upright position fingers down). On the upper end I find them good to about 6C or so, which gives a good overlap with the Arden gloves. They are much more waterproof than the description might suggest, I have done couple of hours of sustained rain in these, and they didn’t get sodden. And yes, the glove is well shaped to work brakes and gears.

  32. Denis Kukainis (verified owner)

    Had these a couple of weeks now and the weather has been around 0c- 3c and windy for most of my rides. I suffer from mild Raynauds Disease so find it hard to keep my fingers warm. My son put me onto these after I’d been contemplating spending £90+ on big name gloves to alleviate the pain. These were out of stock so I bought a pair of Izouards to tide me over in my usual XL size (I’d tried my ski gloves but lack of control made them unsatisfactory). The Izouards were good and roomy with enough room for thin inner gloves. When I got the Barrier Winters in the same size I found them less roomy and not as comfy due to too much material in the palm, rucking up slightly on the bars. I think they would be better if they were sewn in the closed grip position like all my motorcycle gloves. Also I am aware of the inward facing seams in the fingers but especially in the left thumb which in these gloves is the first to get cold. I’m such a fan of your clothing and these are the only item I would mark down but add the proviso that my hands do suffer badly riding in the cold. These are excellent gloves.

  33. Clifford Hughes (verified owner)

    I ordered two pairs of these gloves in L and XL, with the intention of returning the one pair back, as I wanted the option of wearing liners on really cold rides, so didn’t want them too tight.
    The XL fitted but were too long in the fingers, tried on the large with and without liners, and initially I thought they felt fine.
    The problem was though when I used them for the first time on my gravel bike, placing my hands on the hoods, the thumb was too short, so was constantly aware of my thumb pressing against the inside lining.
    This has resulted in the tips of my thumbs getting cold, when the rest of my hand is fine.
    The XL would have caused issues changing gears, with the fingers being too long, but I managed to sell them to a mate who’s more than happy with them.
    I’m keeping them as I’m hoping they will give a bit,(which they have done slightly). They are really good value for money, and seem well made.
    I don’t think I’ve got particularly large thumbs for the size of my hands, and noted that another reviewer mentioned the same issue.
    Overall though I’m still pretty pleased with them, as with the other purchases I’ve bought from Galibier.

  34. Graham

    I have had these for 16 months now (2 winters), and they are just as good as much more expensive gloves I have had before. A good fit and warm.

  35. Jack

    The best! Have used mine a few times already in the minus figures and kept my hands so warm all the way round. Look no further if you’re looking for a proper winter glove. Not too bulky to shift gear either, another great bit of kit from galibier

  36. crow40.ic (verified owner)

    Best winter gloves that I’ve ever owned. Been out in temperatures down near zero and my hands have stayed warm and comfortable. Bravo Galibier.

  37. Martin R. (verified owner)

    Measured around my hand with string at 218, erred on caution and ordered XL Wednesday evening, gloves arrived Friday morning. Nice fit around the hand, although fingers were slightly long. Went for a ride Saturday morning at 3°c and hands nice and toasty. The extra length in the fingers was less noticeable once gripping the handle bar, but caused a bit of an issue with overlap shifting gears on brake levers. Previous gloves had fingers of more noticeable varying lengths on fire and index fingers. Also I have a touchscreen computer so would have preferred touchscreen compatibility, but not a game breaker.

  38. Tim Kasoar (verified owner)

    Overall these are pretty good gloves, especially considering the price. They are certainly very warm, without being too bulky. I bought them because my hands were getting cold in a pair of (much more expensive) Gore winter gloves and they are a dramatic improvement.

    However, I’ve knocked one star off due to a number of minor niggles. Contrary to the saying, it doesn’t “fit like a glove” – I know all hands are different, but the little finger of the glove is significantly longer than my little fingers, while the thumb of the glove is is a bit short and also noticeably tight around my thumb.

    I’m also not a massive fan of the cuff – it’s quite short and despite the velcro closure I find it hard to do it up tight. This means I can’t get a good seal with my jacket, leaving my wrists exposed and a bit draughty. This wouldn’t be a problem on a lightweight glove designed for milder weather, but as a deep winter glove I don’t want any exposed skin!

    Finally – and this really is being picky now – the stitching on the palm isn’t the neatest I’ve seen, with a few frayed ends noticeable. Hopefully this won’t affect longevity.

  39. Bruce (verified owner)

    Very happy with these. Went out for a 3hr ride in the hills today temps between zero and +5. Got cold fingertips once but only briefly just right otherwise. I’m usually a medium but large fitted better once on the bike especially as it gave enough room at the finger tips. Would recommend.

  40. Michael Ormiston (verified owner)

    Great gloves

  41. ‘G’

    I’m a fan of galibier kit so I knew I would like these. I’ve always suffered with cold fingers & toes but not any more! Out of the bag they are great quality & feel expensive. 1st ride this morning in 2 degrees, wet & an easterly wind = warm hands for the 70k. These are a no brainier. If you’re looking for winter gloves just buy them, you won’t be disappointed!

  42. Super Commuter

    Problem solved! These are the real deal winter gloves. They have been excellent this past week on the sub zero commute, with no need for any liner glove. Before using these gloves I have struggled to keep my hands warm enough despite several different combinations of outer/liner. You’d have found me desperately clapping my hands together and wiggling my fingers at every lights stop but now…no more! Unbelievable performance for the price yet again from Galibier.

  43. Adam Leadbetter (verified owner)

    The best winter cycling gloves I’ve ever owned, by a long way. Like others who have reviewed them, I suffer with Reynauds and have at times in the past literally been screaming in pain while riding in cold weather.

    No more.

    Just buy a pair now. Although do take the time to think about sizing and maybe go up.

  44. Max Smith (verified owner)

    Watch out for the shrinkage.
    Great gloves that shrank significantly and no longer fit.Order up a size .

  45. Rob Alderman

    Brilliant pair of winter gloves, I can not fault them as I have reynauds I suffer badly from cold hands to the point that I can no longer ride, I have tried many pairs of winter gloves and spent lots of money. All I will say is you will not be disapointed with these, when it gets below 0 I then wear a pair of silk liners inside them. Best winter gloves I have by far and the sizing is spot on.

  46. Mike (verified owner)

    Barrier Deep Winter Gloves are legit! Riding in the North East, USA, inaugural ride was a 30 miler in 26’F with consistent wind and my hands were toasty warm. I see these gloves carrying me into fairly colder temps. I’m a typical size medium Euro sized/brand gloves and these fit perfect in the same. Kudos to galibier for offering a product that delivers what is stated and at a price that cannot be matched! I can buy 3 pairs of these gloves for the cost of one pair from multiple other companies that market themselves as “premium”…..possibly “premium price tag, but not premium performance” such as these.

  47. Ian Dunn (verified owner)

    I always continue to ride on the roads through winter and bought some sealskinz last year and thought they are excellent gloves. However, when out in the cold for long periods, the cold does creep in and my fingers got cold. Bought these barrier gloves and I think the roads will be too icy to ride on before I have a problem with the gloves. Out on the roads of county durham last night when it was one degree with the gritters out and never once thought about my hands, they were so warm. Like all my Galibier products, first class with first class service to match. Thanks

  48. Stephen Rose (verified owner)

    So yesterday I took a day off and headed out on a ride in 2° winter sunshine.
    With these gloves on, it felt like my hands were still in the house!
    These really are for temperatures south of 5°. Any warmer and my hands start to cook.
    They’re very well padded in the right areas and the cuffs integrate well with winter jersey sleeves.
    The fit takes some getting used to. At first, the fingers can feel a little short but I suspect this is better than slightly too long as that might interfere with brake levers and shifters.
    One possible negative point for these gloves might be the lack of touch screen compatibility. However, I’m prepared to overlook this given how good good these gloves have proved themselves to be.

  49. Dave Smithson (verified owner)

    First ride with them today in a 2 degree early morning ride. Warm hands. Good fit. Well made. Buy these if you want a comfortable ride in the cold.

  50. Gavin G (verified owner)

    Bought these and have Worn them this last month i. NE England daily ride. Kept hands warm and dry even in odd shower , they are fantastic, hands never cold , i bought my usual large size and fit perfect

  51. Dave from Durham 73 (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed, bought large and enjoyed a brisk ride without cold fingers!

  52. Faz E Duck (verified owner)

    I agree with everyone else. These are fantastic. Don’t hesitate in buying them. They kept my hands warm during a 5 hour soaking ride in the Peak District.
    You could easily pay 3 times the price and not get this quality.

    I have large palms and got XXL. They are a snug fit.

  53. Alan K (verified owner)

    Top quality gloves and a bargain price.

    My hand measurement was 210mm so right at the very high end of Medium fit. The medium is 100% perfect for me.

  54. Mark Beaman (verified owner)

    I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of gloves to replace an ageing pair of Pearl Izumi winter gloves which, whilst still warm, are really showing their age.

    These Barrier Gloves are the business! I Used them for the first time this morning. 2hr ride with an average temp of 2.2c and a min of 1c. They were spot on. Hands nice and warm but not sweaty.

    Size wise I was showing 225mm so opted for the XLs, however they felt really tight. Sent them back first class on a Weds for an exchange to the XXLs. Replacements arrived on Monday! XXLs feel snug without being tight so provide great feel on the bars and control of the brakes and shifters.

    Great gloves, great customer service. I’ll be back for more kit.

  55. Gary Cartwright (verified owner)

    Bought with the Ardennes gloves, and really impressed with both of them, especially the materials and cuff length for jacket overlap. I measured my hand at just shy of 22cm so was wary of sizing, but the XL’s fit perfectly. Definitely size up, I usually wear a large in other brands. Will be back for more

  56. Max Smith (verified owner)

    Superb. Just buy them. This is a purchase you will thank yourself for making.

    The quality is first rate, the detail- stitch work, leatherette grip, gel pads, the nose wipe, the wrist closure are the best I’ve ever seen in a single glove.
    I’ve got a drawer full of winter gloves from Castelli, 45north ,Bontrager, pearl Izumi that are now retired.

  57. julie watkins (verified owner)

    superb quality as usual from galiber.

  58. Malcolm Carson (verified owner)

    Worn today for the first time in temperatures of 2 degrees up to a mighty 5. Fabulous. I am prone to get terrible aches in cold hands, and hitherto no glove has resolved the problem. Brilliant value and usual Galibier quality.

  59. Adam Hutton (verified owner)

    my go to winter gloves

  60. Dave Reed (verified owner)

    Very rarely do reviews but had to give excellent feedback for these. Arrived yesterday and tried them out immediately. Apart from some extememely bulky ski gloves these are the warmest gloves i’ve owned and i do suffer badly with cold fingers. They seem very well made and look like they’ll last a good few years. Oh, and despite what road.cc reviewer says i found these worked fine on garmin touchscreen. Totally recommended!

  61. Stephen Waldron (verified owner)

    Wow, these gloves are amazing.Used them on a 80km Spin with the temp at 2c and not once did I feel the cold. Gear change was easy and hassle free.

  62. Nicola Olive (verified owner)

    Look the business,fab fit, super comfy, just waiting for the cold weather to arrive to put these bad boys to the test properly!

  63. Laurence O’Neill (verified owner)

    Not being funny but these are the best winter gloves I have come across & I have tried & tested many pairs! Northern Ireland winters are cold, not North European cold where you have sub zero but dry, we get wet icy cold winds & loads of wet, these gloves keep the water out longer than any Castelli / Assos / Campy gloves i own & a better wind proofing than any as well.
    So good i bought the latest version even though my other pair are still working perfectly well, I carry the other pair on any winter ride so I can change at the coffee break & have warm toasty hands again.

  64. Richard Docherty (verified owner)

    These gloves are excellent performers in dry cold conditions but a word of warning if your expecting these to be waterproof. Simply put they are not and on a recent cold weather ride with sleet and snow they failed within 30 minutes causing me to abort the ride. Galibier don’t specifically mention water-proofness but it’s something I’d expect for a product described as ‘Deep Winter’. 5 Star dry performer, 1 Star wet weather protection.

  65. Matthew N5 (verified owner)

    I’ve had these for six weeks now and wear them to commute in winter. They’re quite structured, stuff almost to start with, and with the thick gel on the palms feel more like a gauntlet, but they are amazingly warm. Really impressive, so far totally waterproof, not hot and sweaty but just nice and warm. I’ve been suffering from Reynauds so these have been a boon this winter. Had no problems with shifting/braking although the overall feel is quite bulky, they allow all the movement you need. One caution: get a size larger than the chart says, the L were too small and I ended up needing the XL.

  66. Stuart McCaughey (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Worn yesterday for 2.5 hours with average temp 1C & a fresh northerly windchill of at least another -5 degrees. Throw in a couple of rain and hail showers and my fingers were still toasty warm and dry. The gloves look and feel quality and the padding and leather sections offer great functionality for grip and comfort. My hand measures 21cm across the knuckles and the medium size fit like a glove

  67. Mark Barrow (verified owner)

    Excellent gloves -2 this week hands were toasty
    Great value for money as is all Galibier stuff

  68. Ian Houghton (verified owner)

    These are my goto gloves in winter, my other Castelli / Assos gloves now sit in the drawer unused.

  69. Thomas Lewington

    Brilliant gloves, my pair have done 4 winters and are still keeping me warm but looking a bit worn now and I need a new pair. Definitely buy the same again.

  70. matt.coxy (verified owner)

    Fantastic gloves! Keeping me really warm in this cold snap. Knocking off a star purely because the index figure gets slightly ripped every time you undo the velcro – I imagine eventually it will wear off. I’m now having to be really careful when I undo the gloves.

  71. Mike

    The best winter gloves I’ve ever owned, and I be tried quite a few including big brands and even neoprene.i use mostly for commuting and in the recent sub zero temps there was some chill on the fingertips but it was bearable for a 45 min ride. Just one thing the reflective panel material has started to have fine splits across the knuckles, but this hasn’t affected performance.

  72. Rob Smith

    Have to agree with what others have said regards then being a great pair of gloves, toasty warm without the bulk. Have to dock a star due to the fact that there is a flaw in the design – when you do the velcro up you can end up with a gap at the base of the thumb. Really could do with an inner gusset to alleviate this problem.

  73. NP

    I’m ‘careful’ when it comes to spending money. More fool me though as I look upon a pile of £20-£30 winter gloves of various makes, all promising warm toasty hands at temperatures close to freezing, but none delivering. I told myself that it was a false economy and I’d better start looking at gloves north of fifty notes. But wait, maybe I’ll just give another pair around the £25 mark a chance (I never learn). The gloves arrived, and off I set in a temperature of -3°. Expecting the usual freezing fingers I was pleasantly surprised to find my hands and more importantly my fingers were in fact warm and toasty. Wow. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. At the price I paid for these gloves it felt like a steal. 75 miles later, temperature climbing to a high of 1° and with a biting wind the gloves were still performing excellently. I couldn’t fault them and I became the smuggest cyclist in our band of five, the rest of which were wearing inferior (and in some cases) more expensive gloves. Top marks – warm, not too bulky and well-made.

  74. John Walker

    The best Winter gloves I have used to date. Temperatures down to -5 Celsius, and no issue with Cold at all. Brilliant.

  75. Ian Johnston (verified owner)

    I bought these gloves after getting painfully sore and numb fingers on recent winter rides. Wore them today with 1 degree air temperature and -5 degree windchill. Fingers and hands stayed nice and warm. Brilliant winter gloves.

  76. Simon (verified owner)

    These look like really nice gloves, well designed, good quality and look great BUT – the XL size has short fingers (for an XL). Wore them for the first time this morning and ended up with cold finger tips. Shame as I had high hopes after reading other reviews.

  77. Bernard Cunningham

    Great gloves, my hands have never been cold while using them, so much so my wife steals them to go running.

  78. Arno Smit (verified owner)

    I used the gloves first in a 200 km iceskating trip under difficult conditions with temperatures from -7 to +8 and they kept me warm and I felt safe for falling on the ice. I really liked the sensitivity at the fingertips, handy for switching GoPro on and off. After 7 hours of use they became a little damp inside (from sweating) and became a little more difficult to put off and on. Maybe one size bigger was better for me (I have XL).

  79. Matt (verified owner)

    They are good gloves, and they are well made, as anything made by Galibier, but they are not as warm as I was hoping. Obviously this is individual, but I found that in 2-3 celsius I already have to use additional thin gloves as an inner liner. Had I known, I would have bought a size up.

  80. Aidan Berry (verified owner)

    At 4 Celsius tonight these gloves kept me warm on the way to do some hill repeats. During the hill repeats when I was heating up he gloves were excellent and I wasn’t overheating.

    I even felt good about the reflective parts of the gloves when signalling a turn.

    Would happily recommend these gloves

  81. CraigB

    Absoloutely fantastic gloves, super comfy and warm.. probably the best full winter glove you can buy, especially at this price!

  82. Dusty73 (verified owner)

    First ride out with these gloves,temperature was just above freezing,hands kept warm and dry (no sweatyness when I took them off) would definitely recommend,expensive looking gloves at an affordable price.

  83. Stephen Ryan (verified owner)

    Great winter gloves. Have them about a month now and done a few winter rides between 2°C and 5°C. Best winter gloves I’ve had yet. Way better than the well known brands I’ve had before.

  84. Dave P (verified owner)

    Brilliant gloves. Kept my hands toasty warm and dry on a cold night ride.. love the comfort and fit of the gloves and the bonus reflective feature for that bit of added safety without looking like your usual “commuter” gloves

  85. D. Evans

    read the review above; its accurate in every way.
    Neat fitting, without any bulk around gripping bars or levers, left me with a very intuitive feel for the bike whilst warm and dry-not many gloves do this.

  86. Joel Robinson

    These are the Ronseal of gloves!

    First ride wearing these was 5 hours in the saddle at an average temperature of 1°C and a high of 2.5°C, with the odd rain shower thrown in. Finger tips were warm throughout the ride, no damp feeling putting the gloves back on post-cafe stop and extremely comfortable padding.

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