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Campionissimo Luxury Mitt


A blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and modern design:

  • Hand-stitched, reinforced at crucial wear points.
  • Road-specific pad design with double leather at contact points.
  • Knuckle holes for ventilation.

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Our Campionissimo mitt pays homage to the legacies of cycling. Meticulously hand-stitched, it effortlessly blends traditional imagery with contemporary design. Built for durability, the glove features upgraded leather and precise stitching, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

Inspired by the champion of champions, this glove celebrates the historic feats of riders who mastered races like the Giro di Lombardia and Paris–Roubaix. It’s not just a glove; it’s a nod to legendary cycling tales. One such legend, Angelo Fausto Coppi, was discouraged from riding at a young age but went on to win the Giro d’Italia five times and the Tour de France twice, showcasing his all-around skills.

As you slip your hand into the Campionissimo, you’ll find the leather moulds to your grip. The rich, walnut brown leather padding on the palm and the large knuckle holes offer ventilation and comfort. Made from Goatskin—often considered nature’s strongest leather—it boasts high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties while remaining soft, supple, and lightweight.

Key Features:

  • Hand-stitched, reinforced at crucial wear points.
  • Road-specific pad design with double leather at contact points.
  • Knuckle holes for ventilation.
  • Brass button fastener.
  • Embossed Galibier logo.
  • Includes a presentation and storage cotton bag.

Size Guide: For the best fit, select a snug size. Measure around your knuckles and compare to our size chart. Remember, a good track mitt should be removed inside out.
Cycling Gloves Sizing Chart

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Reviews (28)

28 reviews for Campionissimo Luxury Mitt

  1. Ilyas Khan (verified owner)

    Quality mitt which is very hardwearing. I have used my pair exclusively for indoor riding, and they have become an indispensable part of my kit. Because indoor riding can be so intense the padding is just right to cushion all the clenching required for very hard efforts. I have quite large hands and even the largest size was a bit of a squeeze and I was initially quite skeptical about whether they would be comfortable enough for me to use however upon wearing them for about 5/6 times they have bedded in quite nicely. Because of the largeness of my hands my knuckles don’t poke through the holes, but that is purely an aesthetically criticism. I will be trying them for longer rides outdoors now the weather has turned for the better but in general I prefer lighter mitts.

  2. David Smithson (verified owner)

    First time wearing leather on my hands and I was not disappointed! A tad tight at first but after 3 long rides they soon moulded to my hands. Go with the other reviews about sizing guides They keep my hands nice and cool and also make them look cool. Love em!

  3. Simon Paice (verified owner)

    I bought the Campionissimos a year ago, not really expecting to like retro leather gloves but thinking that, if nothing else, they’d look nice on short rides on hot days. They do look fantastic, but they are also extremely comfortable on 160kmh plus days moulding beautifully to my hands, taking the sting out or rough roads without feeling like I’m gripping the bars through nappies and somehow keeping my hands cool enough on hot days and reasonably warm on cooler days. They comfortably (pun intended) outperform more expensive ‘race mitts’ from other brands. I’m delighted with these mitts – thank you.

  4. Nick Cowie (verified owner)

    Just ordered my 5th pair, being riding in Campionissimo for four years in all weather conditions. From Perth Western Australia, so rarely need long fingered gloves, instead it is Campionissimo from road racing in the rain to century rides in century temperatures. A pair will last me a year which is about 8000km of riding. I do have other mitts, but Campionissimo get the majority of use, others don’t last and I do perspire a lot so that is what destroy all my mitts in the end.

  5. Declan (verified owner)

    Super gloves and super service = a great combination!

    These are very comfortable to wear, nice and cool, and they look good too.

    I do wish I’d ordered in ‘medium’ as I was towards the top of the size chart for ‘small’ and can only close one popper; maybe next time.

  6. Chris Battenti (verified owner)

    These gloves are fantastic. They are so comfortable that you don’t even know you are wearing them until one of your club mates comment on how good they look.
    I only have three slight problems which is why I only gave four stars:
    1) no sweat wipe.
    2) if you get caught in a shower they take a long time to dry out.
    3) the brown palms makes a real mess if you have white bar tape like me.

    All that being said they are brilliant gloves and you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Michael J Pinker

    I received a pair of these fine gloves as a gift from Galibier when I placed an order which included two other pairs of gloves, so they fit when I tried them on. Never having ridden before wearing gloves of such quality, I must say that I am impressed, and I doubt I’ll ever ride in anything less again. Amazing value for the price. Go leather!

  8. Adam (verified owner)

    Incredible pair of leather cycling mitts. So comfortable and will mould to your hand after a couple of rides. Best to size down as the leather will soften over time. Gloves arrived the next day with free postage! To top it off comes in a nice black bag to store your gloves.

  9. Paul Hilton (verified owner)

    Very nice and replaced my leather Rapha gloves. Have done a few hundred I’m in them and more than happy with the quality.

    My only complain is that I’m cycling in a tropical country and get sweaty hands. The dark leather palm section, some of the tanning comes off and stains light coloured bar tape. If there was an all white or grey version, these would be the ultimate leather cyclings mitts.

  10. Serge M (verified owner)

    these feel sturdy and will hopefully last a long while. Knuckle holes are spaced too wide though. I’m in size L. From 1st knuckle to 4th knuckle I measure apprx 70mm, gloves are spaced 80mm. But otherwise all good.

  11. Alex A. (verified owner)

    I have now owned a pair for 2.5 months, and the love from the first sight that I felt for the classic design has now turned into a long term relationship. These are simply the best pair I have owned, and the level of craftsmanship and materials that have gone into these will be very hard to surpass, especially at this price point. And oh, did I say they look stunning?

  12. Will C (verified owner)

    Excellent mitts – superbly comfortable and great-looking. As above, they feel tight at first but once moulded to your hands are very comfortable.

  13. Paul (verified owner)

    Fantastic pair of well made gloves, quality of material and construction is outstanding. Feel tight when first bought but they do stretch to fit your hands.

  14. Lewis (verified owner)

    Ordered on Saturday, arrived on Tuesday in their classy bag. Wore them out for an hour today, very impressed. So comfortable on your hands, didn’t feel restricted at all and the padding is perfect. I don’t doubt these will help a lot on longer rides too. Top quality as always with Galibier.

  15. Stephen Malaney (verified owner)

    Classy glove, really comfy and sized down as per reviews. Harder to remove but well worth it for the feel… Nicest I’ve used. Look very cool on my stainless steel racer too, retro look with modern performance. Good work guys with kit like this.

  16. gelo.mm (verified owner)

    Ottimi guanti, pelle morbida e robusta al tempo stesso. Sono molto trendy. Ho 22 cm circoferenza della mano ho preferito prendere una M considerando che con il tempo la pelle si rilassa. Ho fatto con loro un’uscita di 4 ore e non ho avuto alcun problema. Forse quando la temperatura sarà piu alta potrebbero essere troppi caldi. Ho pedalato a 15/17° circa. E’ stato il primo acquisto che ho fatto qui su Galibier e sono rimasto molto soddisfatto sia dei guanti effettivamente di valore che del servizio di sspedizione ed assistenza di Galibier. Di norma utilizzo prodotti di Rapha della linea Pro Team e sono curioso vedere se anche i bibi short e maglie di Galibier abbiano la stessa qualità. Faro sicuramnet altri acquisti qui su Galibier. Grazie

  17. Jeffrey Martin (verified owner)

    Excellent gloves!! Love the smell and feel of leather gloves. I won’t be able to try these out yet as its -20 now here in Canada, but I have no doubt they will be outstanding. The fit and feel are great!!

  18. Nick Cowie (verified owner)

    Just bought my third pair. 1st pair survived 8,000km and then I dyed them blue ( not recommended), 2nd pair 8,000km and beginning show signs of use/abuse. So time to buy a 3rd pair.

    Abuse means ridden in all conditions, pouring rain to 40C heat, by somebody who sweats profusely for racing, commuting and century (both types) rides.

    Only downside is they are designed for square hands, my hands are longer and thinner than that. I need a medium for the length of my hand, even though I would be a small based on the width of my palm.

    Still I will keep buying them, because they are such a brilliant mitt, comfortable and hard wearing.

  19. julie k (verified owner)

    These are undoubtedly a quality pair of gloves. I measured my hands, looked at the sizing and went for small. Unfortunately, they are too large around the wrist. Would you ever consider doing female-specific products any time in the future please?

  20. David (verified owner)

    I used full leather “mitts” many years ago, and ones with a crochet back, that was all there was. When newer designs came in, with padding and ergonomic bits, I fell into that trap. Riding track I like minimal padding, and full length gloves, but they must be just right, not too grippy (5Bling) not too slippy. I bought these to go with my raod bile, but now I have two pairs, one of which is in my “track” bag, and they are simply the best I have evber owned. On the road, I often suffered from numb fingers, so went to padded mitts and gloves, but somehow these with no padding, are just comfortable, they never slip, or feel sweaty, oh and they have cool/wank rating of 11/10

  21. ANDY MCGIBBON (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these for over a year now and they literally are my single favorite cycling “thing”.

    I was delighted when spring gave way enough to the sun to get them out again.

    There something more elemental about them than synthetic mitts. It’s like the difference in Ray Bans and beach side bootlegs, or Doc Martin’s and eBay copies. They feel like an old friend now. Maybe because they kind of mould to you, whatever the reason. I’m hooked. I love them.

  22. John Dowd (verified owner)

    Have been using these mitts now for a couple of months and they are wonderful. They are a very good fit and your hands don’t get hot in warm weather.They are always comfortable and look awesome

  23. Joe Jord (verified owner)

    Having now rode around 10’000 km in there gloves I think I am totally converted to leather gloves. The fit wonderfully, look good and most importantly are very comfy.

    I was a bit worried how the leather would wash and dry. Well the answer is if you take a bit of care and use a quality balm you will have no issues. Yes much more work than synthetic, but I have never had a synthetic glove as comfy and long lasting.

    I had stitching issues with my first pair, the customer service was spot on.

    I don’t think I have ever reviewed a pair of gloves – but these are the exception as they are so comfy.

  24. Gordon Daniels (verified owner)

    A feeling of irresistible nostalgia overcame me when I saw these mitts on the website. They come up to expectation and look like they do on the screen. Sizing I found a touch large after ordering as the guide suggested but coming down a size was perfect.

  25. patrick clifford

    I bought these last summer as a treat to myself after buying an Italian bike- they are great, they fit true to size, I generally take off my gloves when I am going up a climb as I find the gloves a bit restricting and warm, but with the leather, my hands stayed cool….. Another great product by Galibier-thanks!!

  26. Mike (verified owner)

    Just back from 900 miles cycling out to Italy wearing these and they were brilliant. Really comfortable, look great and give you some killer tan lines! Highly recommended.

  27. Tony Neary

    Wonderful mitts from a wonderful company. Wearing well 500 miles in, and extremely comfortable. Made me smile on my trip to the Alps and especially on a romp up Col du Galibier. This company is ace: great quality, great customer service, supreme value for money!

  28. Henry the ride

    Just awesome, Love the smell of leather riding along. Would (and did) size down as the size chart leaves them fitting larger than my normal mitts.

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