Chrono 3 aero mitts


An aero cycling glove to slip through the air without compromising on protection.

Fresh look at aero gloves to smooth out the air flow over your hands one aero bars or drops, providing leading comfort and aerodynamics for road racing, track cycling and time trials.

Aero gloves are known to be faster in all positions when compared to bare hands or a standard track mitt with a protruding one velcro strap. We have evolved the ideal further, stitching each finger together, in a web by removing the finger depth panels , so the lycra sits flush with the fingers to produce a light and malleable glove with reduced frontal resistance.

On regular aero gloves, the finger lengths are traditional length, for the Chrono 3 glove we determined the finger length while the hand was gripping the aero ski bar. The new profile arc is a new ideal which sits flush to the hand also while on the top of the hoods or the drops.

The palm is a natural leather, textured to work both in wet and dry and grippy silicon padded palms assist with grip. High stretch lycra rear.






  • Palm ulnar nerve protection .
  • Double stitching at ALL contact areas.
  • Extended inner wrist shields in a crash and the leather thumb base offers hood riding comfort
  • 30 degree machine wash and air dry.
  • Ergonomic Construction.
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Handmade.




Like all good mitts, they should be neat fitting, a loose glove will move around and cause abrasion.  Measure right around your knuckle and compare to chart below. A good fitting mitt should be pulled off one finger at a time.




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