Chrono 7 Speedsuit


A speedsuit designed to smooth the bodies passage through fast moving air:

  • The Chrono 7 speedsuit aims to reduce the body’s drag in the air, with the body constituting 80% of the total drag when cycling.
  • The suit incorporates various design elements like a hidden rear seam, forearm mesh fabric placement, and ribbed fabric on the back to improve aerodynamics.
  • Made with 5 different ultra-low volume fabrics, every stitch in the suit is designed to optimize aerodynamics and reduce drag.

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The Chrono 7 is the culmination and refinement of our partner factory efforts. Years of investigated into both panel shape and placement and material advantages. When a rider and bicycle are moving through the air, the body is 80% of the drag.

Smoothing the air over the body will give you the biggest reduction in drag and therefore returns the most gain in speed. Our goal if this garment was speedsuit that offered the gains of the single use speedsuits seen on the UCI and Pro Tour with durability. The forearm of the new suit seam placed so that the mesh fabric is at the upper arm and side flank to turbulate the airflow in those crucial areas in order to keep it attached for longer.  The rear seam at the lower back is dropped and hidden from air flow and ribbed fabric dedicated over the back to increase airspeed.


Also for the new suit, the leg length is increased by 5cm to the top of the knee and we have retained the racing Number Fairing from the Chrono 6.UCI/CTT/RTTC rules when a event number is pinned on the back lower back, we have placed a smooth, thin flap to cover the top leading edge of the race number, and integrate it to the body profile. The flap is made of the same material as the leg gripper, so will sit flush to the back. This will not only reduce the riders Drag, but will increase the longevity of the suit.

Speed suits are the evolution of a time trial skin suit, designed to smooth air flow over the rider.  We have chosen long sleeves, which are cleaner and produce less drag than an unshaven arm. The suit incorporates 5 different ultra low volume fabrics, specifically created for the aero application. Every stitch is designed to save watts.

Sizing Information:

As the Speed suit is made of highly malleable 4 way stretch Lycra, the sizing is based on overall body size.

XS 55-65kg
S 62-72kgs
M 68-78kg
L 73-85kg
XL 85-100kg

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