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Fire Feet 3


Perfect for cold weather:

  • Merino wool for warmth
  • Acrylic for a soft touch
  • Lycra for stretch

No additional duties/charges on orders. Shipped daily:

  • UK via Royal Mail
  • Ireland & EU via An Post


Warm up your feet with our Merino Socks, perfect for cold weather cycling.

Constructed with a blend of wool and acrylic, these socks efficiently retain heat while ensuring durability. The toe and footbed areas feature a double thickness, trapping air for enhanced warmth and all-day comfort.

The footbed, crafted specifically from Merino wool, provides unmatched warmth as feet typically move minimally in a cycling shoe. It’s essential to save these socks for cycling; avoid activities like running or gardening to ensure their longevity.

The breathable mesh upper, combined with added Lycra®, offers stretch and comfort, making them suitable for all-day cool weather riding. Concealed effortlessly under overshoes and winter boots, they come in stylish warm orange and charcoal finishes. The 17cm cuff ensures they stay in place during your ride.


  • 40% Merino wool
  • 40% Acrylic
  • 18% Poliamide
  • 2% Lycra®


  • Antibacterial fibers
  • Flat-seam toe
  • 17 cm ankle cuff
  • Abrasion-resistant sole
  • Natural wool and Lycra® blend


  • Small: 38- 42
  • Medium: 42-45
  • Large to XL: 44-48

Care Instructions: Being woolen, ensure to machine wash them on a cool setting to maintain their texture and appearance.

Listen to those who own a pair: socks are a vital part of a rider’s attire, and ours stand among the best.

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Reviews (48)

48 reviews for Fire Feet 3

  1. Adrian Carolan (verified owner)

    Great quality, very comfortable and toasty warm. I wear a 45 shoe and Medium are perfect fit.

  2. Roy (verified owner)

    I have just received my package of socks and overshoes the service was excellent and the quality looks really good and the free gift is a nice personal touch will review again as soon as I test out socks and overshoes

  3. Mr Jason Hayes

    Wear these – no more shoe covers or over toe warmers – great socks

  4. Matt Ellis

    Bought by my wife as Xmas pressie – I’m a long time galibier fan of their winter kit.
    These socks are brilliant – super warm ! As others have said buy a size smaller than you need. I’m an UK11/EUR46 and she bought me the medium – they fit well. L/XL would have been too big.

    Super warm, now my go-to socks when temps go drop to near freezing. I’ll be buying more once medium are back in stock.

  5. John Bremner (verified owner)

    I’m a 44 shoe and ordered the medium Fire Feet 2 earlier this week. They are rather massive on and I’ve to tuck the excess at the heel into my shoes!, I had to check that the L/XL hadn’t been shipped by mistake.
    Wore them today in high single figure temps and my feet weren’t cold at all.
    Hopefully after the first wash they will shrink a little. Maybe I’ll risk chucking them into the tumble dryer for 10 mins!

  6. Darren Williams (verified owner)

    Really warm and comfortable. Have kept my ice block feet warm on some near zero degree rides this spring. Hopefully the end of cold feet come the winter time.

  7. Thomas (verified owner)

    Bought a pair and gifting them to my son as they are far more 48 than 44. Will have to reorder a pair of medium.

  8. StevoM (verified owner)

    I have lots of Galibier socks including the orange version 1 fire feet. These look nicer and have s thicker footbed (which might hamper wearing a more fitted shoe), despite comfort the cuff is way too loose, these need pulled up quite a lot. I am a 41 so top end of small, admittedly with thin climbers legs. If you have huge calf’s you’ll be fine. But these are definitely not an improvement over the first version for me, which I rate as my favourite cool weather sock.

  9. Tom (verified owner)

    Best winter cycling socks out there. These have been brilliant in the recent cold weather. Can’t fault them! Comfortable and cosy

  10. Martin Newstead (verified owner)

    30 years of cycling finally thought time to get a pair of winter socks. They are of a generous size but feel comfortable on. Last week returned with numb toes. This week same temps wearing my fire feet 2 no numb toes, pleasantly warm feet. Very pleased with these will order again.

  11. Bill Geake (verified owner)

    As another recent review says, these are really quite large – I’m a 46-47 and the L/XL is really a bit big. These are the largest socks I’ve ever owned.

    I was surprised at how thin they are, and whilst well made and not expensive, they’re not the warmest socks I have – decent, but not the best. Out today at 0 deg and feet were on the cool side inside winter boots.

    I guess if you need warm socks but don’t have much spare space in your shoes, these are just the ticket. But for the coldest days, I still can’t beat my (thicker and pricier) Aldi merinos.

  12. marty c (verified owner)

    I much preferred the old style fire feet. These feel thinner and are far too big even in the small size making them bunch up at the heel. Shame because i am a big fan of Galibier gear.

  13. Nick Warbrook (verified owner)

    I always suffer a bit from cold toes so thought I’d try these. Bought size M for 43/9 and they are a perfect fit. The thicker base material really works and the thinner top makes it more comfortable for movement. Tried them last night with my winter shoes in 6 degrees and cold wind and feet were toasty. Will be buying a few more pairs. Thanks Galibier

  14. Sean (verified owner)

    Warm, comfortable socks at a great price. Yet another winner from Galibier

  15. Steve W

    The best pair of cycling socks I own, bar none.
    The only way you know you’re wearing these is that you can still feel your feet at the end of your ride. They’re extremely comfortable and warm with just the right amount of padding in all the right places. I only have one pair but will definitely be buying more pairs of these.
    I wear a size 43 Sidi shoe and the medium is spot on.

  16. Niall O’C (verified owner)

    Sceptical about these? Yes I was…. but decided to give a go…. wore 1st time in a damn cold November CX race and they were just superb. Really really good…. have 2 pairs and will get more again. I would highly recommend these.

  17. Laurence O’Neill (verified owner)

    I suffer very badly with cold hands & feet in the winter & bought these on a whim when ordering overshoes – I was really surprised at how good them really are.
    The is nothing overly fancy about them, nice colour but by gum they work! I wear them with my winter road boots, overshoes & have the warmest experience I have had to date in well over 10 years.
    If my feet get extremely wet as in water inside the shoe then yes i still get cold feet but nowhere near the levels experienced with other socks. the only other sock I can fairly compare this too is the DeFeet & as Galibier is a local company to me they get my business everytime.

  18. rogerlde (verified owner)

    Ridiculous performance – 5 Stars
    With every brand and style I’ve tried for 25 years of winter riding, not one has has the cop-on to try and offer a thicker cushioned merino wool base. Even with this thicker base, it’s still less bulky than my typical winter socks, so less pressure points in my winter shoes, win/win. I ordered 2 pairs as a try out, with the wife stealing one pair for about the house and in bed, just ordered 5 pairs more pairs as they are incomparable. Move on from the hiking socks, welcome to 2019!

  19. Rob O’Neill

    Usually suffer from cold feet/toes and was looking for something that would help.. These socks do just that… 1st time for as long as I remember that I didn’t suffer from cold toes… these socks are amazing … will be on my next shopping list for sure

  20. Phily McC (verified owner)

    Galibier socks rock. How do I know? Cause on one of my recent cold winter morning rides, I wore two different socks deliberately, one on each foot, to test de feet! I had one Galibier and another more expensive, well-known woolie brand. The result? The Fire Foot was warmer, better fitting and more comfortable; plus, my fire foot was completely dry and the other foot damp. In a nutshell, twice the performance for half the price.
    ##############The best socks you’ll ever own!!#####################

  21. Tomas (verified owner)

    Definitely the only socks I wear when weather gets cold. Nobody wants to worry about cold feet so these are the business. Only problem is that i need to order more pairs so I can wear them every day!!!

  22. Kuda (verified owner)

    I never rush to give reviews like an excited groom, have had these for two winters and boy am I glad I bought these. Extremely warm and snug, could not recommend them higher. Only thing is after two years of everyday wear in winter, I definitely need replacements, but will hold onto them till holes appear, well pleased.

  23. NICK THOMAS (verified owner)

    As with everything else from Galibier, these are exceptional
    Q: Do your feet feel cold when cycling in the winter?
    A: Yes
    You need these socks!
    A: No
    You still need these socks!

  24. Sam P (verified owner)

    There’s not much I can add to what the other reviewers have said, other than that these are a fantastic pair of cycling socks. They’re my go-to socks for autumn, winter, and spring. Get a pair (or a few) and you won’t regret it.

  25. Tim Ranger (verified owner)

    Out today, 5 degree temp – these socks + overshoes = happy feet! Good value too.

  26. Ronan Johns (verified owner)

    Love these socks so much… Fit is perfect and they keep your feet nice and toasty. My only gripe is I wish they were a different colour. Red or black would be great to tie in with the rest of Mistral products!

  27. widgy10 (verified owner)

    Very warm and comfortable. Feet stayed warm at 5C temperature. No complaints

  28. Dave P (verified owner)

    I’m going to order more of these.. amazingly warm despite being quite thin they keep your feet exceptionally warm.. I love them.. I even (quite bizarrely) like the colour!!! I could live in them for the entire winter..

  29. Barry Hayes (verified owner)

    After years of wearing much much thicker socks ( and much more expensive) I found these. I was worried when I seen how thin they were , but they perform superbly. No more cold feet , I’ve worn them in all winter conditions ( with overshoes ) and I’ll be sticking to these only in future.

  30. Aonghus OMuircheartaigh (verified owner)

    These are so warm, just perfect for winter riding. Absolutely perfect, would love more colors !

  31. Peter Simpson (verified owner)

    10/10 nothing more needs said

  32. kevin Colston-iles (verified owner)

    These Fire feet socks coupled with a pair of Barrier overshoes…you just have toasty feet. (well I did yesterday for 30 miles in 4 degrees)

  33. Lougho73 (verified owner)

    Soft feel on feet, comfortable and plenty of warmth in near freezing temps with shoe covers on. Highly recommended for this Irish winter season where you can experience three seasons in an hour. Maybe another pair in my next order.

  34. aidan.berry1 (verified owner)

    I have been wearing these on my recent rides all below 6 celcius. I have winter road boots but normal socks still left my feet cold. With these I have warm and comfortable feet and they are very very comfortable.

    I can heartily (and warmly) recommend Galibier kit in general and definitely these socks.

  35. Chris (verified owner)

    Warm socks. Socks so warm that you actually forget about your feet for an entire ride. No more cold feet fear. In addition, they’re more comfortable than any other sock I have ever worn. Last used on a 6 degreee mountain bike ride.

  36. adeniyi falade

    Great attention to detail. Feet were reasonable warm without overshoes down to 5 degrees. Will have to order another pair

  37. Remy Halliday

    Been using the 1st version of the fire feet socks.
    Again another awesome addition to the Galibier must have range!!

    2.5hr ride, no rain,temp 3-6 degrees without overshoes,feet warm and dry while my mate complained about cold feet.

  38. Alessio C. (verified owner)

    Ottimi calzini per temperature dai 10 in giù.Il piede rimane sempre ben caldo e asciutto.

  39. Txaber (verified owner)

    These socks are really hot and very comfortable. Grest quality.
    Impressed with them.

  40. Sarah (verified owner)

    Nicely padded footbed, they kept my feet warm combined with shoe covers at about 4*C, though my feet were cold when temperatures were lower.
    Wearing them with DM’s when not cycling is a perfect combination.

  41. Paul (verified owner)

    Used these on two rides over the weekend at about 6c and my feet were nice and warm when used with my new Depart overshoes.
    In fact they are so good my wife’s pinched them.

  42. Gavin Hendrie

    THE best socks I’ve ever worn.

    Paired on a fairly mild – but wet and windy – day with summer shoes and Galibier Mistral toe covers. Obviously got wet but retained exceptional warmth to the point where I didn’t fully appreciate how wet my feet were (snapped off my front mudguard just as I was setting off that morning!).

    Went out the next day with the same shoes and Mistral toe covers (which incidentally, are also excellent) but wearing different (merino wool) socks. Weather was much better being drier and a touch warmer yet my feet were noticeably colder than when I had been wearing the Fire Feet socks.

    I’m buying a second pair with my next Galibier order. They are THAT good.

  43. Jeremy Bedford (verified owner)

    I advise doubling up,I haven’t tried one pair on their own, but they are quite thin, so I could wear two pairs comfortably.Did 40 miles today.. althoug my friends said it was too cold to ride out today. I wore overshoes. I usually have cold feet with 2 pairs of normal socks and overshoes, but can now completely forget about cold feet now.Galihier stuff is good stuff, and great value

  44. Donald Gray (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure about the sizing when I first put them on (small -I’m a 40/41 shoe size) but they’ve been perfect in the close to zero temperatures I’ve had commuting early in the morning. I’ve not even bothered with the overshoes going home. And I have been wearing them round the house.

  45. Adrian Brown (verified owner)

    These socks are lovely. So warm compared to my previous pair of branded thermal socks. Love the extra padding on the soles to keep my feet warm over the cleats. I think I might buy another pair just to wear around the house…

  46. Adam Hutton (verified owner)

    Wore for 1st time Sunday
    Suffer with cold feet so thought I would try these as I have mostly everything by Galibier
    Use a branded winter wool sock & these were no better or worse
    Nice fit & comfort & can’t knock the price

  47. Peter Sharkey

    Super super toasty. Best socks on the market for atum/winter conditions

  48. Matt Wright

    I ordered 3 more pairs today, as I plan to spend from now to March wearing these, every day.

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