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Female Mistral 5 Foul Weather Jacket


Proudly warming riders in over 30 countries for almost a decade:

  • Tailored for the female form with a three-layer German membrane.
  • Windproof with a breathability rating over 13,000.
  • Enhanced fit with enlarged back pockets for winter glove access.

No additional duties/charges on orders. Shipped daily:

  • UK via Royal Mail
  • Ireland & EU via An Post


Experience the versatile cycling jacket tailored to flatter the female form, ensuring warmth and protection against diverse weather conditions.

Every road offers a new journey, and we believe weather should never hinder your riding adventures. Our Foul Weather jackets, renowned for over a decade, have evolved through valuable customer feedback. The latest iteration comes with enhanced fit, expanded rear pockets for easy access even with winter gloves, and our tried-and-true three-layer German membrane that’s a mere 1.2mm thick. Pair it with a light base layer, and you’re ready for any training session. Its stellar features include blocking ferocious winds and a technical material tailored for optimal comfort.

Upgrades to Celebrate:

  • Enhanced performance fabric: heightened durability, improved DWR, and better breathability.
  • Added reflective 3M print on the rear center panel for visibility.
  • Enlarged back pockets, tailored for easy access in chilly conditions.
  • Fine-tuned fit across the chest and arms.

Female Mistral 5 Foul Weather Cycling Jacket Technical Specifications

The Mistral jacket is your all-season ally, except during the peak of summer. Numerous riders dub it as their “best cycling investment.” Primarily windproof and boasting an impressive breathability rating over 13,000, the jacket promises warmth even when wet. Although water-resistant, its high-stretch material means seams aren’t internally taped; prolonged rain might seep through, but rest assured, the chill won’t. Ideal with just a base layer between 5 to 14 degreesC, but add a long-sleeve jersey and it’s equipped for freezing conditions.

Features at a Glance:

  • Triple layer 10000/13000 membrane (WP/VP).
  • Windproof with an anti-stick zip.
  • Over 3 meters of technical fabric per jacket.
  • Zip garage and articulated fleece collar for added comfort.
  • Reflective rear pockets with 3M trim for visibility.
  • Double windshield cuff and silicone waistband for secure fit.
  • Reinforced stitching and additional zipped side pocket.

Sizing Guide: This jacket is designed for a snug fit with just a thin base layer. Our innovative fabrics redefine layering needs, ensuring optimal protection without bulking up. For a more relaxed fit or added layering, consider sizing up.

Female Mistral 5 Foul Weather Cycling Jacket Sizing Guide

Actual Garment Sizes

Size Chart of Female Mistral (unit: CM)
1/2 Chest 45 46.5 48.5 51 53
1/2 Bottom Relaxed 38 40 42 44 46
Front Length 50 51.5 53 54.5 56
Back Length 68 70.5 72.5 73.5 76

Chest size guidelines for standard fit provided. Given our direct-to-customer model, we guarantee unmatched quality at this price point. Compare with jackets retailing over £135.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Female Mistral 5 Foul Weather Jacket

  1. Steph Greenlees (verified owner)

    I bought this jacket about a month ago but then the snow hit and I couldn’t get out. First test was a frosty February morning and I can’t complain at all! Even when the frost lifted and the sun came out I wasn’t too hot. I only had a thin base layer underneath. I went for the Medium but really wish I’d gone for a Small, or even an extra small, the fit is quite generous. I’ll know for my next purchase!

    Overall – a brilliant jacket for a brilliant price!
    Also, cannot fault the service from Galibier. Quick delivery with a wee personalised note, and a free pair of socks to match my jacket – which are also brilliant! I’ll be buying again and spreading the word!

  2. Izabela (verified owner)

    I have been using this jacket now for nearly 6 months over the Scottish winter. It sounds silly but it brings me so much joy when riding in the “Scottish finest” weather. Keeps me warm and dry when the the rain isn’t too heavy. It stops the windchill without getting too hot. I have done 6 months of daily (~40 miles) commutes and a couple of +100 miles rides.
    Now when the temperatures are around 0 deg C, I wear it along with a short sleeve merino shirt + a long sleeve jersey. No problem to fit it under my small size jacket.

    As I said I have a small size and I am normally 10-12 size (the medium size was a bit too roomy). I think the Galibier’s ladies sizing is a bit larger compared to their men’s sizing.

    I fitted myself a bit of a cord at the zipper pull tab to help to zip/unzip it when wearing gloves. I see other products have longer pull tabs so perhaps the future iterations will also have that.

    I think it could do with being slightly longer (about 2 inches) and that could potentially bring down the pockets which are a little bit higher up compared to what I am used to (and as the others mention).

    Overall I really love and I can see myself using it for 90% of the year. Great piece of kit for a modest price.

  3. Alice (verified owner)

    Great warm jacket at a reasonable price. Would agree with the comment already made that the rear pockets are too high up. Bit awkward to get your stuff out of the pockets while your wearing the jacket. However that said I think its still a very good jacket,warm and it turns a shower nicely. Good value for money.

  4. Meadhbh (verified owner)

    Really great jacket, keeps you very warm. Will also keep you dry in light rain. Only complaint is the rear pockets are too high on the jacket – but I don’t think is a major issue. Would definitely recommend! Great value too – I have jackets that are twice the price and are not as good.

  5. Just an auld doll on a bike

    Apparently I’m now a ‘Galibier Girl’*

    As it stands….I’m more your ‘fair weather cyclist’ as I’m not a massive fan of discomfort in me auld age.

    While I haveindeed been bitten by the bike bug, I still consider anyone out on the roads (intentionally) in the rain as hardcore and would tend to side eye them ‘are yiz wise in the bap like’

    Got caught out in hailstones one evening at the back of Castlewellan, started out baltic but dry then got hit with a hailstone deluge much to my dismay.

    Was quickly reassured I had invested wisely when it became apparent that nothing was getting through this jacket…

    Neat fitting cuffs,I was surprised with the effort needed to get them over my hands initially, however, not *too* neat that your circulation is cut off and once on, snug and secure when accompanied by the Barrier Deep Winter gloves. No draft up your arms nonsense….

    Despite the sturdy fabric, the fit is highly flexible, non-restrictive, with a zip pocket accompanying three roomy back pockets and nice high funnel neck, with a covered zip, which actually *didn’t* choke me.

    Over estimated the layering required and had a UA ColdGear turtle neck on, unecessary layering which led me to over heat. Won’t make that mistake again 🙂

    Was hesitant about the mainly black for visibility (I’ve a ‘thing’ about all black/all dark kit on cyclists, might think they have the James Bond vibe on a bike but I feel it’s not fair on other road users) but the hi-vis back centre flash put paid to that.

    Great to see female specific quality gear, as I’m not your average skinny cyclist, appreciated the accommodating bewb room and my waist wasn’t swamped due to the clever fabric cut.

    Lightweight,(but not light enough to tuck away mid ride in a backpocket) substantial protection.

    Definitely feel way better prepared now with this jacket, will consider clocking up more ‘less than sunny miles’

    *comment from club mate, clearly impressed with my taste.

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