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Mistral Rain Cap


Advanced protection for cyclists:

  • Your head remains dry in inclement weather
  • Wide brim shields your eyes from pesky droplets

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Experience a cycling cap that provides exceptional weather protection without compromising on style. The Mistral rain cap combines traditional aesthetics with advanced TRITON fabric technology, offering a sleek matte black finish that’s as functional as it is fashionable.

Designed to appear and feel like a standard cycling cap, the Mistral offers a technical edge. Its unique membrane material ensures your head remains dry in inclement weather. The cap’s wide brim is strategically designed so that rainwater rolls off effortlessly, shielding your eyes from pesky droplets. With optimal breathability and 3M reflective panels for enhanced visibility, it’s safety and comfort in one. To add a touch of branding finesse, our logo is subtly sublimated on the underside.

Ever been on a ride where you’re constantly trying to keep the rain out of your eyes? The Mistral cap is your solution, acting as a rain jacket for your head. It keeps you warm, shielded, and effortlessly stylish. Depending on your preference and the weather, you can wear the peak down to shield from sun or rain, flip it up for that iconic Roubaix look, or reverse it to protect your neck from the sun’s rays.

Consider it the futuristic cap – the “Casquette of the year 3000.”

Triton Fabric Technology: A state-of-the-art membrane fabric that dynamically adapts to temperature changes. When it’s cold, the membrane decreases permeability to conserve body warmth. As it gets warmer inside, the membrane’s pores enlarge for faster vapor release. This results in remarkable weather protection over a vast temperature range.

Size: Fits head diameters from 53cm to 61cm comfortably.


  • 73% polyamide
  • 19% polyester
  • 8% elastane

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Mistral Rain Cap

  1. Dinh Phuong HOANG (verified owner)

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
    Je suis dans la Province de Liège en Belgique.
    J’utilise un VAE pour le vélotaf avec des dénivelés et des faux-plats sur un parcours aller-retour de 36 km .
    Ayant un casque vélo très aéré (utile en été) et utilisé lors des températures de 8 à 10°C en hiver avec un sous-bonnet en mérinos, cela m’a permis d’éviter les courants d’air (je suis frileux).
    Testé aussi sous une pluie fine à modérée, cela m’a permis de garder les cheveux au sec et les yeux à l’abri.
    J’ai hâte de le tester au printemps-été pour le tester sans sous-bonnet.
    La qualité est au rendez-vous.
    Merci Galibier.

  2. Stephen Waldron (verified owner)

    Wore this today on my annual club St Stephens day Spin in the pouring rain and it didn’t disappoint it kept my head nice and dry and the peak did its job keeping the rain out of my eyes would highly recommend as always from Galibier

  3. Ian (verified owner)

    This is only cap I wear in the winter. Pair with a buff over the ears when it’s really cold. Keeps the head warm and dry. Looks great as well I wish there was a summer version

  4. Dave P

    Brought this at the cycle show last year (2018) and I love it. Gets a bit warm in the spring but for a winter cap its excellent. Keeps the rain off and is very comfortable. Way cheaper and better quality than similar products by a couple of other brands!!

  5. Meave Baxter

    Have to agree with all the above. I never thought I’d be seen dead wearing something like this but it keeps my hair dry and most of the rain off my glasses. Plus I love star wars

  6. Rob C (verified owner)

    Wore it when it rained this morning – fantastic! Doesn’t feel too hot and keeps rain off my glasses.
    The hat is very large – even on my 61cm head it can cover the tops of my ears if required – so it might not be a good fit if you’re a pin head!

  7. Colin Delderfield (verified owner)

    Possibly the perfect wet weather cap, Breathes super well and is brilliant at keeping my head dry. Good sized peak keeps the water out of the eyes, it’s been a very wet autumn. I’ve paired this with the Tourmalet II jacket and I think I’m sorted for the bad weather to come. Bring it on Winter!

  8. Jon Kingham (verified owner)

    Loved it- worn over three days in full Cumbrian downpour and kept head dry and lenses clear of the worst. Delivered in record time too. Does make you look a bit like you’re operating the death star though…

  9. Paul (verified owner)

    Comfortable cap and the material has a lot of stretch so whilst it fits snug on your head its never tight. Also means the peak never sticks into your head but it still never moves up or down without you wanting it to!

    Added bonus that it fits my massive head!

  10. matt.coxy (verified owner)

    I am yet to experience a massive downpour in this hat – but after a month of owning I’ve worn it in light rain a few times and it works great. I wear spectacles so bought this in the hope it would aid to keep my glasses dry, and it works great for that purpose.

  11. David Kemp (verified owner)

    I never thought I could be enthusiastic about a cap, but this is a winner. It’s both comfortable enough to wear when it’s not raining (I’ve worn it in long rides at 20 Celsius) but it’s also effective against the rain – and not just a passing shower, but also the road-flooding apocalyptic thunderstorm that hammers down when you’re miles from any shelter.
    It’s comfortable, the sweat band is absorbent, and it looks pretty good too. The peak is stiff enough to stay down on long descents, but soft enough to flip up out of the way and not dig into my head.

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