Mistral 2 Membrane Bib Tights

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A warm garment to totally protect your lower half, when cycling in cool and freezing conditions

New stocks of sold out sizes in November 2021

Our Deep Winter Cycling tights are developed for rides in cold-freezing conditions. The main fabric is the Italian micro-fleeced, Super-Roubaix by Carvico, With specific panels reinforced by a technical, fabric: a windproof and water-repellent membrane. Each panel is ergonomically designed to avoid any pedalling resistance. We have also used a membrane panel at the rear to combat road spray. With four needle flat-stitched seams all over, strong YKK®  ankle zippers, with reflective highlights our Winter Tights will breath warmth into the low, blue sun- this winter and the next.

This is the second evolution of the bibs with slight improvements in fit and a new stitching design.


Mistral wind membrane:

We searched hard to fine a protective material that would stretch with pedalling. Our German fabric mill made this light three layer,  membrane fabric, keeps your legs 100% protected from the harsh winds that strip the heat from your body. This is the only membrane we found that behaves like ‘Super Roubaix’ fabric in movement- with superb temperature regulation. The goal of this garment is to keep you warm while riding in ALL conditions. Driving rain or strong north winds, your legs will spin free and warm.

Galibier Endurance chamois Pad:
The seamless seat pad made with lasercut technology designed to support and protect. Thanks to four-way stretch, and a 6 layer, anatomic shape,  the pad offers fast moisture management. Its fibres are highly abrasion-proof and elastic. Elastic Density: 3 – 12mm, with specific pelvic supports.

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Features & Sizing



  • Fleece-backed SuperRoubaix® fabric and muscle support (UPF 50+).
  • 9 panels of light, 2 way stretch, protective membrane
  • Tailored Fit for an ideal position on the saddle
  • Highly compressive main body fabric
  • Moisture wicking
  • Four needle flat-stitched seams
  • Non-slip silicon ankle grippers
  • YKK® camlock ankle zippers with reflective highlights.

The membrane fabric doesn’t stretch as much as Roubaix fabrics, so if in-between sizes, buy larger.

As always, no problem with full refund if not Delighted.


“Medium suited me on the button- 32 waist and 72 kgs”
“Went for the XL in the end, I’ve big legs and 34.5 in waist”
“ If it helps others choose the correct size I am 6″1′ 93kg and XXL are perfect“


Membrane: 100% polyurethane
Front and straps: 96% polyester, 4% elastane
Back: 87% polyester, 13% elastane
Front thigh: 97% polyester, 3% elastane



Reviews (59)

59 reviews for Mistral 2 Membrane Bib Tights

  1. Renny Thomson (verified owner)

    Superb winter bib tighs. I’m 182cm tall, weigh 85Kg, with 34-35″ waist and Large is a great fit (XL was slightly loose in the lower lags). I’ve worn these tights over the winter in temperatures from about 8C down to freezing quite comfortably.I’ve never noticed wind getting through, though when you first put them on they may feel slightly cool, but then you just forget about them. My only slight criticism is that te front is quite high when you have a loo break.
    Last ride was a mixed road/gravel ride of over 100km, temperature was about 3-4C when starting, later climbed to 10C and was warmer sittng having lunch outside. Later we were hit by a hail storm, which turned to snow with temperature falling to just above freezing. Next some hilly forest tracks, back to 10C, then back to 4-5C at the end. At no point did my legs nor back feel cold, damp or sweaty. The pad just didn’t get thopught about until I started writing this review. Its just so comfortable. Coupled with my Mistral jacket, Barrier base layer and a thermal gilet, I was comfortable all day.

  2. Nik Deol (verified owner)

    Class pair of bib tights. Super comfortable and the quality of the padding is second to none. I had a slight tear and Galibier fixed instantly with a quick repair and mail back. Went on a 70k the other day in them and felt fine, even over gravel and bumpy roads. Brilliant kit.

  3. Phil Tomlinson (verified owner)

    Really great pair of bib tights. Not really tried them in the rain as yet, but wore them in temps down to -10 up here is Scotland during the February cold snap. Kept me toasty on rides of around 2 hrs long.
    In fact if these tights have a fault it’s that they are almost too warm for me. If it’s much above 5 degrees, I find them a bit hot!
    Great pad as well, which has felt really comfy for the four hour rides I’ve done so far.
    Very slight wrinkling of the fabric around the knees, but this is pretty minor and a product of the type of fabric they’re constructed from.
    32″ waist, 33″ inside leg, 6ft tall 78kg and the size large are a great fit.

  4. tf

    Got these based on the experience with the Mistral jacket to replace unsatisfactory winter tights from a major brand in a similar price bracket. I wasn’t disappointed, I have now done some 2000km and over 100h in them in the finest of Scottish weather, and they been brilliant. I find they work optimally somewhere between -1C and +10C; when the temperature dips lower than that, I find the back panelling bit on the thin side, so on the very cold rides I put a pair of waterproof shorts over them, that has kept me nice and comfortable down to -4C. I now got a second pair to simplify the washing logistics.

  5. Steve

    Got a pair of these bought for me recently. XL, 35 inch waist 179lbs. Fitted perfectly. I went on a quick 21 mile ride to try them out. The temperature hovered around zero with some hailstones and a fairly strong east wind. Warm and toasty thanks to the tights, a Mistral jacket, deep winter gloves and an izoard insulated gilet. The only non Galabier item of clothing was a long sleeved Decathalon baselayer.

  6. Rob Knight (verified owner)

    Used these at the weekend for the first time, started out at -1.5 degrees and it never got above 1 degree and at no point did I feel cold, the windproof membrane really cuts out the icy windy. The pad felt spot on, and after 40 miles I was still very comfortable. I am 178cm and 68kg and went for small, they are a little tight but not uncomfortably so, although due to the windproof membrane there is less give than normal lycra. Great for those freezing winter training rides! The free pair of socks and handwritten note were a lovely touch!

  7. Cider Rider (verified owner)

    These are the usual high quality construction you would expect from Galibier garments. However as noted by another reviewer, I was surprised that they weren’t particularly warm . I usually ‘run hot’ when cycling, but on a recent ride at a decent tempo (at 4 degrees C), my legs (particularly the shins) were really quite nippy. On this basis I would say the temp chart for these is overly optimistic. It won’t stop me buying Galibier kit in future though, as it’s generally brilliant stuff. 🙂

  8. steve-1803 (verified owner)

    Great quality and comfort. XLarge was good fit (5’8″ and not skinny !). I am sure they will last a long time.

    They were not quite as warm as I was expecting given other reviews – maybe I feel the cold more than some. At 2C my outer thighs were a bit chilly. I’m glad that I bought them but will wear a base layer in freezing conditions.

  9. caldwell.liverpool (verified owner)

    I sent an email complaining about these about the comfort around the genital area. I’ve tried to persist with them on my ride but they just induce large amounts of testicular pain because of the unnecessary pressure in that area. I’ve not had any other issues with Galibier products that I’ve bought in the past.

    Susanne in customer service was unable to help, after contacting them 2 weeks after purchase to explain my experience with the bibs and that I wasn’t happy with the product. I understand that bibs are worn but surely if you’re not happy with the product, you should be able to return under 30 day guarantee like every other product! Really disappointing these, I can’t understand why there are high ratings.

  10. aidan.berry1 (verified owner)

    I have and still use a pair of these from 3 years ago but thought I’d add a new pair for the coming winter.

    Yesterday started at 5° C so they were perfect. I also had on long sleeve Roubaix top I’d just bought.

    Just shy of 10 miles on my commute in the cold and I was lovely and toasty but also not hot either.

    The return ride was 20 miles (added extras) in 12°C and these long bibs were brilliant there as well. As was the top

    Comfortable, warm and also very well priced these will cater for the coldest of days up to the mildest of autumn and winter days.

    Just top quality

  11. Rob C (verified owner)

    Firstly these tights are so well made – lovely softshell-type material that is very warm and a great, comfortable chamois. Wore this morning when it was ~8 degrees and they were nice and warm – I can see them being good to below freezing.
    I am 1.95m, 90kg, 86cm waist and got the XL as per advice.
    Unfortunately I can’t recommend them for anyone of my height. While the overall fit is good, The legs seemed slightly short when I tried them on and rode up a bit further when I was riding to leave my ankles exposed! I could actually do with them being at least 5cm longer.
    My problem is I really like the tights so I’ll probably be looking for some thick merino socks that are long enough to bridge the gap between the top of my shoes and the end of the tights.

  12. Tim Jarrett (verified owner)

    Arrived within 2 days of placing my order – with an unexpected gift and personal note from the seller (thank you Myles!). These are clearly a high quality, seriously good piece of kit at an extraordinarily low price – they should cost a lot more. I’m really looking forward to winter now…
    XL fit is perfect for this 1.75m tall, 34″ waist, 32″ leg and 85kg man

  13. Tom

    Amazing, my first pair of bb tight and they are unbelievable, would wear these every ride if I could, the comfort and warmth plus fit are increadible.

  14. Artūras (verified owner)

    Had a first ride with them yesterday. Felt warm in -2C but the lenght of tights is really short… may be few cm’s longer (188cm/82kg and I took size XL)

  15. ilija.stevanic

    I was lucky enough to find these in the local shop, so I have tried size M on and purchased immediately – paid a bit more than priced here online but no regret. They look amazing, also high quality, probably highest possible quality. Couldn’t wait to try them, gone for 60K ride today, and they are perfect in every sense! I buy things online only after having read reviews, reviewing is important, so I recommend this, 5* winter tights!

  16. Bill Geake

    Used these for my last 2 club runs – both > 50 miles, one in gales, the other in sleety gales. Had toasty legs in both – the windproofing is a revelation compared to ordinary bib tights. While not waterproof, they do a pretty decent job of resisting precipitation. There’s a touch of sweaty shin when I take them off but nothing noticeable while riding. The pad is the most comfy I have but backside comfort is still a work in progress for me.

    As others have said, the fit is not perfect for everyone, including me. I’m 6ft 2in, 12 st, 33in waist and 31 in leg and got the XXL. The legs are too long and the torso a bit short. I can put up with this for the warmth, but anyone even less leggy than me might suffer.

    Overall though, mighty happy. Another terrific value product (I also have Tourmalet and Colombiere jackets). Keep it up guys, the R-word and C-word snobs don’t know what they’re missing!

  17. H

    These are great tights, really keep out the cold. Quite snug fitting – I’m size 10-12, about 67kg and 5’5″. Were a bit slippery on the saddle, but that has improved with a few washes. Pad really comfortable, but not worn them on a long ride yet. Really keep out the cold – wish I’d bought some years ago

  18. (verified owner)

    I ride to work early in a morning and it’s cold in the countryside. I’ve been wearing these regular and they are spot on. The lowest I have ridden so far is 7 degrees Celsius but I know that they will keep me warm as I feel slightly over snug at this temp.
    They fit well and the gel pad is super comfy. You get what you pay for and these fit the bill.

  19. Sergiu Panaite

    I ordered the Mistral bib tights (and the Mistral Pro Jacket and Fire Feet 2 Socks) in early February 2018, motivated by the unusually cold yet mostly dry weather around that time. I tend to commute by bike as much as I can regardless of season, while only avoiding properly wet days.

    To give you an idea of what I was used to, I’d mostly been using a Castelli Thermosuit or LG winter thermal garments, combined with a long sleeve merino base layer.

    I used the Galibier combination on several days, in temperatures between 0 and up to 10 degrees Celsius. I have absolutely no complaints about its performance, it kept me marvellously warm yet without feeling suffocating or sweaty. There was a relatively small amount of rain, which posed no problems whatsoever. In terms of comfort and overall performance, I actually think it’s better than my Thermosuit, although it does feel a little heavier; I wear either one with the same joy though.

    A great piece of gear!

  20. Ronan Johns (verified owner)

    Having these tights is like someone whispering “you can do it” in your ear when you unenthusiastically look out the window before a cycle and it’s super nippy outside. They’ve become a sort of comfort blanket to me in cold weather… I’m nearly afraid NOT to wear them in fear of feeling the cold. Fitting is quite tight on me but once they’re on, they are locked into position and don’t move a millimetre.

  21. FAUCHER Gérard (verified owner)

    I measure 180 cm for a weight of 74 kgs. The size L me perfectly at the hips but the legs are too short. They should be extended by at least 5 cm with an anti-lift system. I also find that the back of the chamoix skin does not go up enough behind. Too bad, the fabric is great, waterproof and warm.This tights is not at the level of the COLOMBIERE jacket at the cut, it’s a shame.

  22. widgy10 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Excellent customer service. High quality product, extremely comfortable and tested well on the road.

  23. Gary Johnson (verified owner)

    I ordered these late on Saturday evening & they were delivered on Tuesday. Used them last Sunday & cannot recommend these bib tights highly enough. Out in 2-3 deg C for 3 hours they were far more comfortable around the knee & warmer than others that I’ve got. I’d already got the Mistral jacket (had it for a couple of winters) and these really back up the gamble that I took when I bought that.

  24. Colin (verified owner)

    Wore these bib tights today and like all Galibier products they were excellent. Lovely fitting pair of bib tights, good pad and kept me nice and warm in the cold conditions today (5 degreez C).
    Great job guys keep up the good work and excellent products.

  25. Matt (verified owner)

    I got this and used about 5-6 times, always with temperatures below freezing, and I have never been cold. Today it was -8 celsius, and while it was a bit chilly at the beginning, as soon as I warmed up (5 minutes, not more) I was warm for the remaining three hours. Great quality garment.

  26. Liam Egan (verified owner)

    I have been wearing my Mistral bib tights now for a few months in typical Irish winter weather. I find the fabric and pad excellent and the high front nice and warm even if it means longer “comfort” breaks!
    Based on the sizing chart (I’m 70kg and 175cm tall with a 78cm waist), I went for the medium size but find both the bib straps and ankle length to be on the short side. This seems to have become more noticable recently following regular machine washing even though I have kept to the recommended 30 degrees. While medium suits me perfectly in the Mistral jacket, it looks like I probably should have gone for the large bib tights.

  27. Gordon (verified owner)

    This is my second winter using Mistral bibtights and can vouch that they perform exactly as described. I use them in combination with Fire Feet socks and Aqua Chrono 3 overshoes (keeping feet both warm and dry), Roubaix arm warmers (as part of base layer – easy to pull on and off, fit nice and snug), the Ultimate Foul Weather Gilet and not forgetting Barrier winter gloves (also on their second season – fingers never get cold). This is my go-to winter kit – it all works well and has proved durable with repeated washing (following Galibier’s washing tips).

  28. Dave P (verified owner)

    Very comfortable tights with a great chamois. Kept me nice and warm so did the job. The only (very small) complaint that I can find is that they seem quite slippery on the saddle so I slide down a bit but that’s a minor grip. Overall a great product that I would recommend..

  29. Padraic Murphy

    Bought for winter training, had enough of shorts and leg warmers… Tried on both L and XL before deciding on the L. I’m 90kg, 5’11 and 33in waist (if that helps anyone for sizing).
    Very comfortable and to be honest, you even forget you’re wearing them after a couple of minutes. Chamois is comfortable and supporting, nothing to worry about there.

    Have been out in close to zero temps and honestly could not feel the cold.
    Very happy, very comfortable and quality build. Will likely go back for a pair of shorts once weather picks up..

  30. adeniyi falade (verified owner)

    You know something is so good when you can’t remember that you have it on allowing you to focus on cycling effort.

  31. p.v.tilburg (verified owner)

    Excellent bib thights, super warm and very comfy. As already stated above in multiple posts: you don’t notice you’re wearing them. Superb value for money!

  32. Joe Jord (verified owner)

    I bought these as a pair for shorter winter rides to save the wear and tear on my Assos shorts I normally use for my monthly 200k ride. We’ll as luck would have it I ended up using these on the weekends 200. 3-6c gales force winds and some biblical heavy showers. I never noticed the shorts and it was only a few days later it dawned on me a pair of ‘cheap’ shorts had been as comfy as any I have tried. The pad is awesome, initially it felt a little uncomfortable but just moulded to me, I also forgot any cream so doubly comfy!! The material is light and windproof, you are sometimes aware the windproof bit isn’t as flexible as plain lycra.

    In summary, comfortable, good fit, warm but not too warm, they don’t seem to absorb to much moisture and dry out quickly. I’d highly recommend for typical British winter conditions.

  33. James (verified owner)

    These fit so well, chamois is very good. I will wear these from mid November to the end of the winter.
    Excellent quality like all galbier items that I have purchased so far.

  34. Justin (verified owner)

    I’ve had these for nearly a full year so I thought I’d finally post a review.
    They are very warm, true to size, comfortable, functional and just really nice to wear. They are the first line of defence on a cold and windy day and they just work without any drama whatsoever. They resist the worst of the weather for hours too. The ankle zips are really useful and I don’t miss a foot loop at all. I’m still a little unsure about the chamois pad but that’s a personal thing, not a design issue.
    Quite simply they are the first thing I grab from the wardrobe when the temps drop to single digits. Chapeau Galibier !

  35. Miles (verified owner)

    Excellent tights. Highly recommend, you don’t realise you’re wearing them, no restriction. Keep you warm and very comfortable. Just like all the other Galibier products, excellent.

  36. aidan.berry1 (verified owner)

    I ordered these on Tuesday 31st October and they arrived Wednesday 1st November – brilliant service.

    I wore them for the first time today (2nd Nov) for a 20 mile commute in about 7 Celsius with no wind.

    Getting them on was easy and the zip ankle sections were a good help.

    I was comfortable and warm in them and my ankles/ shins/ knees and thighs were lovely and toasty during the ride. I didn’t overheat at all either which has been a problem with other brands.

    Like Arnie said – “I’ll be back”

    ps I had Galibier socks, Galibier long bibs, a Galibier Gilet, a Galibier buff and a Galibier winter cap. I guess I’m one of the devout which is a Depeche Mode teaser for you all.

    Delighted in the products I have


  37. Kevin Devlin (verified owner)

    Great set of tights. Snug fit with great movement. Chamois is first class.
    Worn them on several long rides without any complaints.

  38. Aaron (verified owner)

    Bought these fantastic tights a few weeks ago, when it was cold.. I mean REALLY COLD.
    Couldn’t believe how warm I was in them, absolutely brilliant, amazing product and fantastic customer service.. I will be back, in fact I have been back. I am a true believer of Galibier.. well done guys..

  39. Rodrigo Diaz (verified owner)

    Spot on. 2.5 hours on a fat bike ride, temperatures between – 13 and – 9 Celsius, mixed terrain: woods, highway, snow, ice, pavement.

    Large size fits perfect on my long-legged, 1.86 m, 80 kg carcass. I have a short torso so the suspenders worked great, but might be a tight fit for those with relatively longer torsos.

    Chamois was excellent. And looks sharp with the Mistral jacket 🙂

  40. Stephen Pattison (verified owner)

    These are a great addition to my
    Collection of Galibier stuff.theres only one down fall on these tights.there’s no foot strap that’s goes round your foot to stop them from riding up.apart from that there’s great.

  41. Marcus Cromie (verified owner)

    These are simply superb. About 2-4° today for 3 hours and never felt cold at any point. Great fit and much prefer the side ankle zip. The pad is excellent and so comfortable. The bar gets raised with every new product. Chapeau Galibier. Service that is second to none.

  42. Doug Williams (verified owner)

    Great bib tights. The pad is outstanding and weather protection is excellent. Just one word of advice. I’m 6’3″and the XXL could do with being a couple of inches longer. I think I need a pair of XXXL!

  43. Adam Hutton (verified owner)

    1st ride today
    OK weather wasn’t cold bur foods were wet & muddy
    45 miles in & still warm & dry
    Covered in mud but feeling fine
    Great fit & style
    Have everything galibier now except the winter gloves which will be ordering for sure
    Keep up the great work Galibier your products are bang on

  44. Andrew Farrell (verified owner)

    Wore these for the first time today and WOW, will be my go to bibtights going forward, really comfortable and warm. I have some Sorpasso and mid range DHB nut these are definitely my number one, good job Galiber

  45. Lougho (verified owner)

    Second time worn today, excellent winter kit. Warm, great fit and chamois is so comfortable, you forget you are on a saddle. Quality again from Galibier with fast delivery as ever. Highly recommended.

  46. Russell (verified owner)

    Had 5 excellent rides from 20-50 miles, when you forget your wearing something speaks for itself ! Great for #LargeSize 6ft2 80kg, probably do with an extra inch in the leg but that’s very minor pount.

    Quality only gets better with every new item, delivery spot on and super fast as always !!!

  47. peter sturman (verified owner)

    Wow another great piece of kit from Galibier
    Warm, great fit and fantastic pad what more needs to be said
    Thanks Galibier

  48. The _Kaner (verified owner)

    Just come back from a 3 hour windy ride. A bit drizzly and wet spray up the backside. I gave these 4 stars last review, and said they deserved 4.5 stars. So I’ve given 5 stars this of averages and all that!
    I was perfectly dry today! The road spray – when dried, rubbed straight off the front of the tights!
    When I say windy, I mean headwind/sidewind…no matter the direction I turned, average temps 6 deg C…not cold you say…factor in the windchill.
    Toasty…no pad problems…60k/3 hrs doing fine…
    Back out tomorrow (Xmas day)…will be wearing bibshorts/leggings…as the Mistral are in for a wash…might need to get me another pair….any discount codes… 🙂

  49. John M

    £50 under priced-these compare to any deep winter tights at ANY price . Galibier you have a new fan!

  50. 2ndCat Heaven

    I bought a pair of Castelli Sorpasso last winter and crashed on them. Didn’t want to invest another £150 so thought these were worth a gamble. Fantastic quality! As with the Castelli membrane tights don’t fit just as close as a lighter roubaix but you don’t ever notice them and can’t train in freezing days. I Love the quality and to the Galibier team –
    I will be back!

  51. Stephen Nally

    This is my fourth week in the bib tights and had to come back to write to tell potential customers to buy. I was caught in an hour rain at 3 degrees today and got home alive and happy. Rest of my training crew were in bits. Pad is best I have used.

  52. Gary (verified owner)

    I wanted to give these all 5 stars but couldn’t due to the fit. When I first ordered these I wasn’t sure if I needed large or extra large so I went for large. When they came I put them on and they were a wee bit loose on the legs but felt tight on the shoulder straps when I stood up straight. Get into the ride position and they fit perfectly on the shoulders. Had thought about maybe exchanging but was afraid the shoulder straps would be way to tight.
    As for the quality of these they are first class. Dry, Warm even in freezing conditions. I wear these with the Mistral jacket and what a combination.
    Also when you put the price of these and the quality of these together it all adds up to a great bargain.

  53. ian (verified owner)

    Superb product. rode in freezing conditions and they did exactly what they should do, warm and dry. Only gripe is the lack of gripper which meant they rode up my leg a little. When combined with the matching jacket………Just perfect.

  54. Chris Shakya (verified owner)

    overall great product, rode 3 hours in wet conditions stayed nice and warm. my shins got a little damp due to the lack of heal loop. which meant they rode up my shins. which is why im taking a star off.

  55. The _Kaner (verified owner)

    I would rate these 4.5 but that’s not an option.
    Medium size is “snug” and leg length is just “too long for me” but then I am short and “robust” in stature.
    First outing in drizzle and low temps just above zero. Picked up loads of road spray on the shins…but none on rear (rear mudguard only). I didn’t get wet through.
    The good thing about these bib tights?
    I didn’t notice them!
    Once on the move…I was just cycling!
    No fidgeting, trying to get comfortable!
    No real restriction felt from the membrane panels! They just did the job.
    Now, I only did a short enough ride of only 32kms and took 1.5 hours on really poor roads testing a new Gopro…but the point is the bib tights just did not throw up any really negative points, other than the odd sizing, which I’ve encountered on a few Galibier garments over the years.
    Maybe that’s just me as I’m not a typical (mythical) slender cyclist body type.
    All in though I would recommend these as part of a proper winter wardrobe/setup, if turbo is not your friend in poor weather.

  56. Road man 2

    Got them, road em, loved em. Toasty and comfortable

  57. Fred R Hastings

    First Class Garment. 2 hours Friday and 4 hours today and just delighted.
    As the Galibier team said, warm and windproof. not just as free as my Roubaix pair, but then they haven’t the warmth of these.
    Mark off as they took 4 days to arrive.

  58. Mark Thompson

    Just back from my first training in these bib tights. Fantastic. Feel good on and not restrictive. high quality materials. It rained for the last hour on my way home and never felt cold. Taking a star off as I thought the rain would beed off like my mistral jacket but these will be my first choice this winter.

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