Mont Blanc Leather Glove


A cycling tuxedo for your hands. You can only feel amazing when steering.

Our Mont Blanc glove is as mighty as the raw beauty of the 4809m summit.  They are meticulously hand-cut and sewn in our glove maker’s workshop from 3 selected leathers. Double stitching at key wear points for added durability. This hand-tanned leather is thin, supple and breathable, but also strong.  After several rides, these gloves will form to the shape of your hand, creating a near second skin.

The white leather represents the snow that names the famous white mountain, The blue thumb the stunning lakes above 2000m, fed by the glaciers you can you can swim, during the summer thaw.

If your friend chain snaps while cycling. You cannot help them. What is more important- keeping the white leather free from oil stains, or a life long friendship? Just keep pedalling and text many days later.


The inside of the glove has a light, fleece lining which is excellent at wicking moisture to keep your hands dry and warm, and is also odour resistant. A  strap with a dual popper, keeps the gloves snug at the wrist.  To say I love these, is like holding a candle to the sun. Two ‘first-cut’ layers of leather, give stunning feel and protection to the Palm.  An extra layer is added to the face of the knuckle for longevity and a ‘D’ pad to protect the ulnar nerve, above the inner wrist.



All the leather used by Dents for its gloves is a by-product of the food, wool and dairy industries and a completely renewable resource


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  • Palm: Ulnar nerve gel protection with double layer leather in contact points.
  • Inner: Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch lining
  • Outer: Full Cabretta leather windproof outer fabric
  • Thermal Rating1-2-3-4-5
  • Hand Debossed logo 
  • Rated and tested  0ºC to +10ºC
  • The leather used by Galibier for its gloves is a by-product of the food, wool and dairy industries. It is a completely renewable resource.





Our winter and summer gloves come in standard glove sizes. These are designed to be close fitting, so size up of you like a relaxed feel. The measurement is taken at the circumference of the hand at the knuckles. Please contact us if you have ANY questions at all about glove sizing (



Please note: acid from sweat eats away at leather over time, so it’s important to wash the gloves, particularly if you’ve sweated them through on a ride. Once washed and dried, glove balm should be applied to keep them supple.

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