NoRace Racing Team Cotton Cap



Want to go PRO but don’t have the talent or the application?

Join the NOraceRacingTeam. Go fast and avoid all the podiums but no cafe pastry counters.

Peak when you want, train when you want and half wheel only your best friend.


Benefits of the NoRaceRacing team.

Free sticker plus Legally binding handwritten note to permit the purchase of an extra bike.

Thats about it.


This classically styled cap is made from tight weave windproof cotton. 100% natural fibres and highly breathable. A three-panel cap crown is sewn from three pieces of fabric: a strip and two half-moon pieces with an elasticated panel at the rear.

Available in  standard: 53-59 cm

The peak can if worn down provide shade from sun or storms. If worn up for the hard man of Roubaix look or reverse can protect the neck from sun (the DeVlaeminck)






  • Fair trade cotton
  • 3 panel for tailored fit

It is also worth noting that although the cap itself can be machine washed (at 30 degrees), the longevity of cotton caps increases with careful hand washing 


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