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Regale Ultra Optics



  1. Lightweight, frameless design with Plasma lens technology for enhanced clarity.
  2. Offers CE UV400-protection with a Cat3 sun rating.
  3. Comes with accessories: soft bag, hard case, and lens cloth.

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  • Ireland & EU via An Post


Experience the fusion of advanced technology and sleek design with the Regale Ultra sunglasses. These lightweight, frameless eyewear pieces are crafted to provide exceptional clarity and protection while cycling.

The single wide lens design ensures a broad peripheral view, further amplified by its close fit to the face. This feature, combined with an adjustable nosepiece, ensures compatibility with varying face shapes. Our cutting-edge Plasma lens technology not only enhances colors and contrasts but also guarantees CE UV400-protection with a Cat3 sun rating.

Each of our four variations includes essential accessories: a soft bag, a hard case, and a lens cloth.

Regale Ultra Cycling Glasses Protection Levels

Regale Ultra Cycling Glasses Dimensions

Regale Ultra Cycling Glasses Spefifications

Specifications align with the following standards:

  • EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015
  • ES ISO 12311:2013
  • USA ANSI Z80.3-2015

Key Features:

  • Designed with a low-profile hinge and a frameless lens for a streamlined appearance.
  • Equipped with rubber temple grips, an adjustable nose pad, and temples for a secure fit.
  • Advanced “Plasma” mirror lens reduces glare, offering 100% UV protection up to 400 nm (CAT 3).
  • Lightweight at 29g, with the frame crafted from durable Grilamid TR90 nylon.
  • The lens features anti-fog, anti-glare, and anti-scratch coatings, and is made of high-quality polycarbonate.
  • Comes with a protective Galibier hard case and cleaning cloth.
  • Compatible with any helmet and features a hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coating.
  • The sunglasses have successfully passed external crash tests and UV protection evaluations.
  • The wraparound design ensures an expansive field of vision.

Note: External test results for the RED/Black Plasma Lens by RPL Optics LTD T/A Optical Appliance Testing Service (OATS) confirm impact resistance (Pass on ANSI Z80.3 2010 Impact Resistance) and a transmittance filter category of 13.66% (Cat: 3).

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Regale Ultra Optics

  1. Cormac O’Brien (verified owner)

    Fantastic all around coverage. No more squinting in the Aussie sun.
    Have the Gold Plasma Lens.

  2. Lauris Parups (verified owner)

    Bought the plasma, then the clear ones too. Absolutely the best value for money. The lens coverage is great, and you can almost forget you wear them (my nose shape is so weird that Oakleys, for instance, never fitted fully right and started rubbing the nose after some hours).
    Some minor quirks (not enough to subtract a star, but nevertheless might be worth noting):
    * they hold on worse when wearing a headbang/skullcap over the ears, paired with some helmets
    * minor lens distortion in some wide angles, but only visible if you really pay attention (myself, only noticed that effect after a month wearing them)
    * minor fogging issues when stopping at red lights in the city

  3. David Stephenson (verified owner)

    Ordered the Red Plasma, wore them today and forgot I even had them on. Wide coverage, comfortable fit and look great.
    Also ordered late on Tuesday night, received on Thursday. First item ordered from Galibier. I’m sure it won’t be the last. Thank You

  4. cangianp (verified owner)

    Great glasses, pro lens at the right price!
    They cover well especially the upper part of the eyes and the unframed vision is magnificent, it feels like you don’t have them.
    Shipping to northern Italy took less than two weeks.
    The nose piece is not exactly adjustable, but it can be shaped around the nose, it is made up of a couple of steel wires drowned in silicone and can be shaped as desired.

    Occhiali fantastici, lente pro al giusto prezzo!
    Coprono bene sopratutto la parte superiore degli occhi e la visione senza cornice è magnifica, sembra di non averli.
    La spedizione in nord italia ha impiegato meno di due settimane.
    Il nasello non è propriamente regolabile, ma è modellabile attorno al naso, è costituito da un paio di fili di acciaio annegati nel silicone e modellabili a piacimento.

  5. murphywk (verified owner)

    I’ve historically always gone with rimmed glasses and bought these for winter rides and commuting for low light. Bought the Clear Plasma which have been excellent in low light conditions and really impressed with the level of protection across the face and lack of rims give great visibility when looking over the shoulder. In heavy downpours the design means the water runs off and don’t allow the water gather on the lenses. No steaming issues and even when you stop any steaming clears quickly.

    Highly recommend.

  6. jtottersen (verified owner)

    Just received a pair of Regale Ultras with the clear lens. I am super happy with my purchase and I can honestly say they are at least on par with, if not surpassing, much, much higher priced alternatives – that is in craftmanship (build and lens) and level of comfort.
    It is my first pair of clear lens optics, intended for the dark season and I ask myself why I didn’t move on this sooner. The large area of the lens protects from wind and gunk – no more runny eyes – as well as making everything stand out clearly, even in very dark and wet conditions. Will get another pair for the sunny season.

  7. niall vinaccia (verified owner)

    Looked at loads from the big brands that I’ve purchased from in the past but decided to go for these in the photochromic version. Great fit, great clarity, great price. The usual fast and friendly service from Galibier too. After a couple of rides I have a feeling these are going to be my go to shades for cycling.

  8. DLR#5

    So when my wife gave these to me for my birthday present, I was orginally disapointd as I didn’t want “clear glasses”… when my wofe tutted anfd put them in the sunshine (luckily it was a very bright wintry day) and I watched them change before my very eyes, I apologised, put them on the got out on the bike! And these are superb for bright sunshine going into countryside darkness and fit snugly, once you get the nose fitting adjusted (carefully).

  9. Gnarley Dave

    Have a pair of REGALE ULTRA OPTICS with black frame and red plasma lens and just love them and no sign of fogging up. Just back from a 30 mile spin with the lads and forgot to take them off in the garage……. (there that comfortable you forget there on)
    Quality product would highly recommended.

  10. The Wilk (verified owner)

    I bought these a couple weeks ago to wear on winter club rides and some commuting. The best thing I can say is that I forget that I’ve got them on and they have coped admirably with everything that four hour rides in a Scottish autumn can throw at you. They darken quickly enough to cope with low sun glare and are light enough to ride through tree cover.

    I adjusted the nosepiece with some steam from the kettle and they sit perfectly on my face now. They do steam up a bit if you stop after a hard effort, but clear again as soon you set off.

    For the price they are a remarkable pair of glasses. Definitely recommended.

  11. Liam H (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the plasma glasses and they are the best glasses I have. Wear them day and night. They are very comfortable and I forget I have them one. Can’t recommend these enough.

  12. David Griffiths (verified owner)

    I have a pair of the Plasma gold and been using for over a month. Used it high sun light and in the evenings. Perfect one job for all glasses. Great clarity and wide view. No issues with steaming. More greatness by Galibier!

  13. Eoin Scanlon (verified owner)

    I have a pair of the Ardennes. My one gripe was that the nose wasn’t adjustable. That’s sorted with these. Went for the photochromic ones. Great clarity, go completely clear at dusk. No issues with steaming up even when you stop for a while. I even dropped these on the road when trying to get a bee out of my helmet strap. No ill effects

  14. Izabela

    I have a pair of the red/blue ones and they work great when cycling thorough the day and night. Great clarity, wide field of view (especially useful when doing the shoulder check) and they do not steam up.
    Another excellent piece of kit from Galibier!

  15. Cormac O’Brien (verified owner)

    Fantastic all around coverage. No more squinting in the Aussie sun.

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