Riding to the top of the world.

‘Old man river’ is the fondly spoken tag for a local cycling legend, who decided to ride to the top of the world. He walked to the base cap of Everest for a dander, so the mountain lives within his soul. He talked a few into joining his quest. Mount Everest stands tall at the top of planet earth. The challenge was to acquire the meters gained, the near nine thousand meters, within a week, cycling up a local climb. It is tough but very possible. So we set out to master the highest local point at 480 meters, 18 times. The early ambition was to reach the top within a weekend, but with a climb taking just under an hour up and down, 18 hours over a weekend quickly was stepped on as bravado, at the coffee stop with 1440 meters banked.

He road 6 times up the mountain that day, My head and knees melted off at 5 ascents and the group split off that Sunday to meet the mountain mid week alone. Turns out riding up and down a mountain is best done in a group. The next day I had planned 5 ascents, I did 3. The next evening, I promised my self 4 ascents. I did one and went for a beer.

Thankfully, after a solo struggle we regrouped and planted the flag on Saturday. Delighted and a bit stronger.

Do stick on a climbing sprocket to permit spinning rather than grinding .

Do stop for coffee and food every few ascents.

Do seek company to master the mountain with you.

Do join our strava club and get a free teeshirt to thank yourself for being just plain superb.



Pick a local ascent, a single climb up a hill or mountain and repeat until the total elevation gain is 8,848m.

Join our STRAVA CLUB http://www.strava.com/clubs/galibierVelo and your rides will register.

Complete the task and email us with a picture of you on completion. Your reward is global admiration and a free limited edition Everest challenge Tee shirt.

Gold Tee will be awarded to a rider climbing 8,848m within 4 calendar days of beginning the challenge.

Silver Tee will be awarded to a rider climbing 8,848m within 8 days.

Bronze Tee will be awarded to a rider climbing 8,848m within 12 days.

 It is hard, it will be difficult, but there is glory in bringing the joy and spirit of the worlds highest mountain to your local landscape.

Ride safe, and within your ability, it only counts if you get back down!


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