Our SURVEILLANCE glasses were the result of working with a company for 9 months who have pioneered primary production in the optical business, for over 50 years. We are delighted to partner with their expertise in manufacturing; breathing life into and evolving our design. The result is magic. Post design and sampling, our eye wear had been granted internal UV400 rating and passed the production, impact crash test. So they were safe, high performing and functional, but we wanted independent scrutiny and sent them to be examined by Optical Appliance Testing Service (OATS) and were delighted with the results obtaining strength level 1 in the Impact resistance test (ANSI Z80.3 2010) and awarded a Cat 3 optic.

External test results  by RPL Optics LTD T/A Optical Appliance Testing Service (OATS)

Impact resistance, strength level 1   Pass                    (ANSI Z80.3 2010 Impact Resistance)

Transmittance & filter category      16.65%    Cat: 3

Wide Angle Scattering                       0.69%   Pass

Astigmatic power                               0.013% Pass

Frame deformation & filter retention          Pass

Uniformity                                              01.83  Pass

UV Absorption/Transmittance                      Pass      (Cat 3)

How UV 400 Protects the Eyes

UV 400 indicates an eye protection item that has been optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation. One of the biggest differences between UV 400 protected items as compared to other items that protect against the sun’s radiation is the fact that UV 400 protected items are capable of blocking light rays as small as 400 nanometers. This means that anywhere from 99 to 100 percent of the sun’s harmful radiation is kept away from the eyes, which can make a big difference in eye protection.

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