Friction- an evil double agent.

After a rain shower, there would have been zero grip for the tyres on the fresh black oiled surface. Makes us think that cyclists spend their entire career and disposable wallet dealing with friction.

Are cars passing us closer?

1970, there were 200 million cars in the world. In 1990, there were almost 500 million and as of last year there is an estimated  1.5 billion cars on the road.

What are cycling socks?

What are cycling socks? Biking socks are a light, thin garment made of breathable materials that wick away moisture.

Do you suffer from hand pain while cycling?

The loss of feeling in part of your hand after an extended bike ride is not only uncomfortable, but the use of your fingers decreases the longer you continue, which can make shifting and braking difficult. The condition is known as ulnar neuropathy (also referred to as ulnar palsy, handlebar or cyclist’s palsy). Experience and style need not apply; this condition can happen to cyclists of all skill levels and in all genres of cycling.

DuraAce is soo fast

At 7 am in the summer, the sun is above the buildings and treetops to give warm air to the bare legs and short shadows.

La Grande Boucle

What IS real- is the local stage race happening tonight. The Newry 3 day: A real, honest, local race where plumbers, fit ones; will race against tyre fitters.

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